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Home Care Products for Elderly

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As Medicare is the most common health insurance program hom elderly Americans, it is worthwhile to discuss Medicare's benefits and coverage for home care hoje disposable medical supplies. Medicare's coverage is specific to the individual and the type of home care supply. Provided the individual has a written prescription or can otherwise justify the need for the supply. Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Advantage Plans Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans are intended to help beneficiaries with Medicare deductibles and co-payments; they do not typically add new areas of coverage. For example, Medicare does not pay for adult diapers, therefore Advantage and Supplemental Plans do not either.

Prior to this discussion, it is helpful to distinguish between the two programs.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program open to all Americans over Medicaid is a state-specific program specifically intended for low income individuals who also have limited financial assets. Like Medicare, Medicaid will pay for ostomy and diabetic supplies, but unlike Medicare, Medicaid also pays for adult diapers and other incontinence supplies in most states. Again, this is state dependent and Medicaid program dependent. Veterans' Health Care The VA pays for home care supplies including incontinence supplies provided the items are medically necessary. These pensions provide veterans with financial assistance up to a minimum monthly income level which is calculated by subtracting their actual income and any unreimbursed medical expenses.

A veteran receiving either of these pensions would need to simply include the cost of these items on their application and the VA will reimburse them by increasing their pension benefit in an equal amount. Read more about VA Pensions. Here are tips for how you can afford home care, whether you're planning ahead or need help soon: If you can plan ahead If you're in your 50s, hooray! You're in your prime for advance planning to hire a home care worker when the time comes. You can invest, check out long-term care and life insurance policies with in-home care benefits — perhaps through an employer — and other products to cushion the high costs of home care.

You could need in-home care as a result of an accident. Since you may pay premiums for decades, take time to compare policies and get the benefits you think you'll need and can afford in the long term. Policies are changing to meet current demands, such as long-term care insurance benefits attached to life insurance policies. But today, most long-term care policies are comprehensive and cover care in a variety of settings. Do your homework to figure out if long-term care insurance is right for you.

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Some people, such as those with a pre-existing condition, are not able to afford or qualify for long-term care insurance. Homemaker services cover help with such tasks as eating and bathing, cooking and cleaning, and running errands. Home health aides provide a range of nonskilled or skilled medical services, from checking vital signs to nutrition therapy and wound care. Medicare pays for medically necessary home health care on a limited basis but not for homemaker services. Medicare supplemental plans and health insurance through an employer generally do not cover home care.

Specifically, the standard issued brand of adult diapers is not considered to be of high quality.

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However, if a veteran has a preferred brand, such as Attends, Depend, Prevail, Tena or Tranquility, it is possible procucts have those paid for by the VA. However, a physician prescription or statement of medical justification that explains the medical reasons for which a particular brand of adult diaper is required is necessary. This program provides financial assistance for care and the flexibility to direct the financial assistance as the veteran feels is best for their needs. Incontinence supplies would most certainly be an eligible expense. However, this description over-simplifies the program. For more details, read here.

Medicaid Medicaid for individuals in nursing homes will supply adult diapers and other disposable, absorbent products. Most Medicaid Waivers, which provide assistance to individuals living at home or in the community, also provides assistance typically under the category of home care supplies. However, Medicaid Waivers and rules change from state to state and in some states the program may limit the brands or quantities of product available to an individual for a set period of time. Individuals on Medicaid should check with their local Medicaid office.

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