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Not to be presumptuous, but my cock is pretty damn big, yet my sexy girlfriend always tries her best to deep throat it as deep down her throat as it can possibly go before her gag reflexes kick in and she begins choking and gagging on my rod, drenching it in my balls in her warm and slippery saliva. So, whatever shape you may have, be assured that it will mesmerize some man, as you lie there, naked, resting on your side or walking across the room. With Your Butt Has your man been begging for your back door? I found it really interesting that one of the women who commented on the article about "small penis syndrome," reported that she was pregnant even though her partner believes that he is too small to satisfy her.

Secondly, adolescent boys in the gym locker room in either High School or Middle school, may make negative comparisons between them selves and their classmates. His response at the time was fascinating, although in hindsight it was pretty generic: Now you can touch his penis, with your vagina, while naked, as much as you want. Women reveal their greatest fear for their vaginas.

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