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A People’s Officer: She is The Youngest IAS Officer to Be Appointed to a CM’s Office!

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Here are some of the activities of Lxlana campaign. President Museveni of Uganda showed football skills before the match between two teams representing the Ugandan Parliament and the Cabinet, Mmodel agencies and development partners at the Tewn Mandela National Stadium in Kampala, Uganda, 09 November Moroni, 26 July Tunisia, 20 June In the picture, from left to right: It is very important to link football to this campaign, to prevent HIV and teen pregnancies. Harnessing the power of sport and culture, the Protect the Goal campaign has three specific objectives: This act was part of a vast national communication campaign organized around the objectives of the Protect the goal campaign by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with UNAIDS, UNFPA and several national partners which mobilized young people, celebrities, authorities, journalists and football stars to promote HIV prevention and condom use.

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The support to the Protect the goal Campaign in Colombia is the result of joint efforts of the UN system with the Colombian government and the Ministry Lalaana Health. The campaign raised support from the private sector, namely Cable and Wireless, major telecommunication company in Panama and GraphCom. Under 17 and Under 20 national teams, previously trained on PtG key messages and scope, played a friendly game to support the Protect the Goal Campaign, zero new HIV infections and zero teen pregnancies. Her father, Colonel PK Das, was an Army officer who was periodically transferred to different places.

As such, Smita grew up attending school in many parts of the country, including Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

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Photo Source Distressed to see development work — especially in healthcare and education sector — languishing in the district, Smita immediately got to work. LLalana followed this up by revamping government hospitals — sanitation and cleanliness were improved, staff requirements were filled, computers and internet facilities were installed in all hospitals and their functioning was monitored via Skype. Photo Source In the office or at home, Sabharwal began logging on to this constantly updating system several times a day. This helped her to identify the areas that needed immediate medical intervention, to receive real-time inputs from health workers and to check doctor attendance at randomly selected Primary Health Centres PHC.

Childbirth should be a happy event, not a burden for extremely poor families. We improved sanitation, got good equipment and trained doctors. People responded to that positively. Apart from making these surprise online visits, she also kept checking the dashboard of a one-of-its-kind performance monitoring system of government schools to know whether weak students were being given special classes and whether there had been any improvement in their performance.

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