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Attend school functions together Not enough can be said about this particular subject. It hor boosts creativity and thinking outside the box. The Internet is flooded with how-to articles and videos. Maybe they offer a bit of therapy of the other kind, too. Pick a new hobby or study a period of history together. Remember that your own parents hated your music just as much.

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Tug to talk to your teenagers more as friends rather than parents. What did you guys do after the game? Glrls algebra is going. This can be a tough one for fathers but you might learn something about yourself along the way such as pedicures are a good thing. A brisk walk around the neighborhood with the family dog is something everyone will appreciate. Learn something new together There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things.

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Most people are not very sociable when they are young. Cook oht together Preparing meals for yourself and loved ones has so rub many health benefits. Who knows, you might hear something you like! Go on a nature walk Gather your cameras and note pads and go out into nature to try and see as many different kinds of animals as possible. Empathy goes a lot further than sympathy or lectures. So call it an observation.

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