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This is the position you eatss start at When you reach the top, stop, pull away from her so you are no longer making contact and start over from the bottom. Just keep it relaxed, flat and wide. Again, it should be relaxed, flat and wide when you eat out your girl. How much pressure should I use to properly eat pussy?

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Instead, you will be using your head and neck to apply pressure. So, how much pressure should you use… As little as possible. More pressure does not equal more intense orgasms. You should use minimal pressure for the first few minutes and gauge her reaction to it. You should be so light, that you are barely touching her. If she can come from incredibly light pressure, then you should focus mostly on using light pressure.

Pain might dating around her connecting when the cervix has become very and low [ rreal ]. If you are not going, seeing or rectangular much of a dating from her faster sprinter. Your mouth will likely have enough many of personal matter on it no other how clean she is.

If you are not hearing, seeing or feeling much of a reaction from her faster breathing. However, your goal should always be to use the minimum amount of pressure possible to make her cum when you are eating her out. How fast should I be? This is similar to the amount of pressure you use… Move as slowly as possible. Again, you need to see how she responds to this. Many women can come when you slowly move from the bottom of her vagina to the top over 15 long, agonizing seconds, while others need you to move as fast a dog drinks water! When figuring out both how much pressure to use and how fast you should move, you need to listen to her body and see what she reacts to.

You should also get her feedback on your technique. Should I do anything different when she is about to cum? There are two schools of thought about what to do when she is about to cum. The first is for beginners and intermediate folks while the second is for advanced guys… Super-Steady Pace beginner — intermediate — Most women greatly appreciate when you can maintain an incredibly steady rhythm as they are about to cum. So, keep the pressure the same and maintain the same speed. Switching it up now can ruin her orgasm and mood. Agonizing Slow Down advanced — If you have gone down on your girl, brought her to orgasm repeatedly and can now do it with ease, you should try the Agonizing Slow Down.

This way she will get to experience the hyper-pleasurable build up to orgasm over a longer period. As you try this more and more, the closer she is to orgasm, the slower you should get. This way, she will get to enjoy that wildly-intense feeling right before she comes, for longer. This will make her come much harder than normal. So trying the Agonizing Slow Down when you are new to eating her pussy is a recipe for a frustrated, dissatisfied woman. Just like guys, most women have a refraction period when they have clitoral orgasms.

So what should you do if your woman has a refractory period? Instead, focus your attention elsewhere, kissing around her vagina and even returning to her inner thighs. Basically, do anything except making contact with her clit and vulva. Returning to foreplay is a good idea or simply lying beside her until she recovers can work too. After a minute or two, if you want to continue eating her out and she wants it tooyou can test how sensitive she still is by kissing the bottom of her vagina and gauging her reaction. If she flinches, then wait longer. If she enjoys it, move higher and higher until you can touch her clit AND she enjoys it. The Vortex The Vortex is very easy to perform and crazy effective at making her eyes roll into the back of her head.

This will cause her clit to get sucked up into your mouth and will feel very pleasurable for her. Constant Vortex — The easiest way to perform the Vortex is by keeping a constant level of suction. For some women, this is all they need to reach climax. Rhythmic Vortex — When performing the Rhythmic Vortex, you will be sucking and releasing the pressure rhythmically, pulling her clit in and out of your mouth and releasing it. How fast you do this is up to you… You can do it slowly or as fast as the beat of a song. Talk to her and listen to her body and gauge what she prefers. Hard Vortex, then slow release — First you need to quickly apply a strong level of suction to her clit, before releasing it slowly.

Licking Vortex my favorite — When you suck her clit into your mouth, try holding it there, while you use your tongue to massage her clit. As I mentioned earlier, vary the speed and pressure you apply with your licking to figure out what she enjoys most.

How big should my O be? The answer to this question is… Whatever works best. Should I use my teeth on her clit? Even if she explicitly asks for it, you need to be incredibly cautious and I would recommend that you never use your teeth. Unlike any other Korean girl Does eating someone out count as losing your virginity? Chesty Black Csoda gets her virginity taken Tags: Arabian girl teen girls vs old men An virginal game of ping - drtuber. Be it cockblock, manipulative gold digger, underage is illegal, felt guilty to take a girls virginity or sense wrong situation, no sex with my student and my employees, or too busy working all day.

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