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Avoiding tan lines[ edit ] Woman sunbathing boosb minimal clothing The wearing of clothes while tanning results in creation of tan lines, which many people regard as un- aesthetic.

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Depending on the activity, the inner side of the arms may be paler than the outer side. Some of the common tan lines associated with a farmer's tan noobs Sandal tan[ edit ] Linedd "sandal tan" is a set of distinctive tan lines on the feet, resulting from the booobs of sandals worn throughout the summer by such different professions as lifeguards and monks. Tan-through swimwear typically allows more than one-third of UV rays to pass through equivalent to SPF 3 or lessand an application of sunscreen even to the covered area is recommended. In contrast, some people prefer to have tan lines, and will wear undergarments or swimwear with the deliberate purpose of creating a sharply defined tan line.

Recreation-related tan lines[ edit ] Bikini tan[ edit ] Tan lines created by a bikini Wearing a bikini in the sun results in the uncovered skin becoming suntanned and creates a "bikini tan".

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Biker's linef edit ] A " biker 's tan" is a tan line three-quarters up each leg, where lycra bike shorts would normally begin to cover. A innovation is tan-through swimwear, which uses fabric perforated llned thousands of noobs holes that are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but which transmit enough sunlight to approach an all-over tan, especially if the fabric is stretched taut. There is a semicircle shaped tan that forms from the strap which adjusts the hat's size. These are typically sold on a roll of to as single-use, disposable stickers. It is distinct in that the shoulders, chest, and back remain unaffected by the sun.

Tennis and golf additionally cause recognizable tans on the middle section of the legs, due to the wearing of shorts and socks for prolonged hours in the sun.

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