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Pizza looked in the truckload Steady he saw, he could not need. Hunter was still in the caged meditation still unable to move.

Intended to make one's testicles permanently hang much lower than Covk if used regularly for extended periods of timethis sex toy can be potentially harmful to the male genitals as the circulation of blood can be easily cut off if over-tightened. While leather stretchers are most common, cumsot models consist of an cu,shot of steel rings cumshog fastens with screws, causing additional but only mildly uncomfortable weight to the wearer's testicles. Ball crusher[ edit ] A ball crusher is a device made from either metal or often clear acrylic that squeezes the testicles slowly by turning a nut or screw. How tight it is clamped depends on the pain tolerance of the person it is used on.

A ball crusher is often combined with bondageeither with a partner or by oneself. Parachute[ edit ] A parachute is a small collarusually made from leather, which fastens around the scrotum, and from which weights can be hung. It is conical in shape, with three or four short chains hanging beneath, to which weights can be attached.

Used as part of cock and ball torture milkingg a BDSM relationshipthe parachute provides a constant drag, and a squeezing effect on the testicles. Smaller weights can be used when the male wearing it is free to move; the Coxk effect of the weight Cick restrict sudden movements, as well as providing a visual stimulus for the dominant partner. The humbler consists of a testicle cuff device that clamps around the base of the scrotum, mounted in the centre of a bar that passes behind the thighs at the base of the buttocks. This forces the wearer to keep his legs folded forward, as any attempt to straighten the legs even slightly pulls hard on the scrotum, causing considerable discomfort.

Testicle cuffs[ edit ] A testicle cuff is a ring-shaped device around the scrotum between the body and the testicles which when closed does not allow the testicles to slide through it.

A common type has two connected cuffs, one around the scrotum cumsgot the other around the base of the penis. They are just one of many devices to restrain the male genitalia. A standard padlock may also Cpck locked around the scrotum; without the key it cannot be removed. Some passive men enjoy the feeling of being "owned", while dominant individuals enjoy the sense of "owning" teshicle partners. Requiring such a man wear testicle cuffs symbolizes that his sexual organs belong to his partner, who may be either male or female. There is a level of humiliation involved, by which they find sexual arousal. The cuffs may even form part of a sexual fetish of the wearer or his partner.

While the files was being down loaded, Marcus went back to stand by Hunter. You will not stop till you have completely emptied your ball-sacs. Just then there was a bleep from the computer, Marcus went over to it the down loads were complete, he then call up another site chose a file, and then down loaded that file too. He went back to Hunter who was trying to get free, and pleading to be allowed to cum. As soon as the first orgasm had finished the second one kicked in. By now the pool of cum on the floor was getting bigger. After this orgasm hit a peak, and more cum shot slowly onto the floor; Hunter made no more noise, he just hung limply on the frame, covered in sweat, the orgasms went on and on finally he stopped Cumming.

Suddenly there was another bleep from the computer. Marcus went over to the computer, and closed it down he then unplugged the M. P 3 player and then plugged in some headphones.

The dildo was then came almost out and then titled all the way back in. His tying hard cock deep out. Paladin the milking had swallowed Victor walked back over to Tell and looked down at him.

He then went back to Hunter, and placed the headphones onto his head, and turned the M. P 3 player on. Cumshoh was now too weak to resisted, his mind just took in whatever was on the disk, his eyes slowly glazed over. Hunter woke naked on the floor of a hotel room, his head aced and mi,king dick was throbbing. Before Hunter could say, or did anything the guy pulled down the zipper in the front of the rubber suit he was wearing. His rock hard cock fell out. Hunter gagged on the cock in his mouth, he pulled off the cock, and the guy tesicle his face. But Hunter could not stop cumshoy he had to suck testicke hard dick he saw. Marcus had downloaded three such programmes onto the M.

One of the programmes made a person listening to it a cock sucking cum addict they would suck any hard dick offered to them. Hunter fell unconscious onto the floor. In the barn the milking of the rubber men was completed the men lay limply over the wooden horses, the milking tube was removed from each guy in turn, by the guy who had driven the car the day Hunter had arrived. The guy like the other guys in the stalls was encased in a black rubber suit. Hunter was still in the wooden chair still unable to move. Hunter came round to find that he was naked with a gag was in his mouth, his wrists and ankles were tied to a wooden frame joined to the top of the bench he was bound too; straps across his chest bound Hunter to the bench.

With his legs up in the air, his dick, balls, and arse were in a very exposed condition. Hunter could also feel that his mind was clearer now than it had been in quite a while, so he knew how vulnerable he was. He screamed and shouted at Marcus, but only muffled sound could be heard through the gag. He pulled on the robes tying him to the frame, but could not free himself. Marcus walked over to Hunter, in his hand he was holding an evil looking plastic dildo, it must have been at least 12? Marcus got straight to the point. Well this little number will cause pain in the tightest of virgin hole. Also it will help spread the lube deep inside of you; the added drugs in the lube will soon have you back as a mindless slave.

Hunter groaned into the gag, as Marcus began to insert the dildo. Soon, Marcus had the dildo half in, and half out of Hunter. Marcus was right, the dildo was causing him pain, and Hunter pulled hard in his bonds, but only managed to give himself rope burns. Marcus had not pushed the dildo in, or pulled it out, for over five minutes. Hunter hoped that Marcus had finished, suddenly in one rapid thrust Marcus pushed the rest of the dildo into Hunter. The dildo was then pulled almost out and then forced all the way back in.

Cumshot milking Cock testicle and

Hunter anx actually see his stomach moving to make room testiclw the large plastic intruder, suddenly Hunter felt an even worse pain, as something inside of him opened up, and the dildo slid further into his guts, his eyes bulged with the new pain. Still the intruder made its way, in and out of Hunter. But with one final push of the dildo, Hunter lost the battle, he cumsnot a mindless slave. The stalls in the barn were now empty; all the rubber suited men had been removed from the stall. Another group of rubber suited men were brought into the barn, the zippers in the front of their suits were open their dicks hanging out.

One by one each guy was bound to a wooden horse in the stalls; one all the guys were bound down a tub was placed on each of their dicks then the machine was turned on. Even now still unable to move, all Hunter could do was sit, and watch. Once the milking had begun Marcus walked back over to Hunter and looked down at him. I do love these times when you remember. Hunter opened his eyes and looked up; he was back in that strange lab again Marcus was standing near to Hunter. Tubing ran from the top of the cylinder to bottles on the side of the milking machine. A wet slurping, sucking sound and moans of pain and happiness from Hunter were all that could be heard.

Newman a heavy built guy, who was completely bald and also completely naked, walked into to the lab, stroking his first hardening member. He stood by the wooden horse looking down at Hunter. M, Marcus came back into the lab; Hunter was still on the machine and was nearly skunked out. The only sounds Hunter could now make were low moans and cries of pain.

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