Treating vaginal dryness

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Vaginal dryness

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Topical estrogen cream A common treatment of vaginal dryness caused by low estrogen levels is topical estrogen therapy. This means medications that are applied directly to the vaginal area to relieve symptoms. This method involves much less absorption of estrogen when compared to estrogen taken as a pill. As such, these medications are felt to be a fairly low risk. Examples of topical estrogen therapies include: This flexible ring is inserted into the vagina where it continually releases low amounts of estrogen into the tissues. The ring is replaced every 3 weeks. Vaginal cream Estrace, Premarin.

An applicator is often used to apply the cream into the vagina. Research has shown gaginal estrogen cream is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for vaginal atrophy and dryness when compared with a placebo. This treatment also involves an applicator to place a tablet into the vagina. Research that looks at the long-term effects of topical estrogen is currently lacking.

Vaginal dryness Treating

The methods given here are considered to be safe, however, especially when compared with traditional hormone replacement therapy. Women with dyness history of breast cancer or who may be pregnant or breast-feeding should talk to their doctor about the safety of topical estrogen therapy. Nonhormonal treatment options are available. Over-the-counter treatments Over-the-counter treatments are also available that may help with vaginal dryness. Lubricants are used at the time of intercourse to increase moisture and make sex less painful.

Water-based lubricants are recommended over oil-based lubricants, as oil-based ones can lead to irritation and condom breakage. Vaginal moisturizers Treaating be used every day to every couple of days to help maintain the avginal natural moisture. These are available for purchase online. Home remedies There are several ways to combat vaginal dryness that involve simple lifestyle changes: This can cause inflammation and dryness. The dryness can make you uncomfortable and can hinder your relationship because it can make sex very painful. As soon as dryness begins to interfere with your lifestyle, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

What to expect at a medical appointment At your appointment, your doctor will likely ask you several questions about your symptoms, some of which may seem unrelated. Your doctor will also conduct a physical exam, which includes a pelvic exam. During a pelvic exam, your doctor will press down on your abdomen while also inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into your vagina. This will help them detect any changes or abnormalities of the reproductive organs. If your doctor is unable to pinpoint a cause for your dryness, or if you have other symptoms, you may need to undergo additional tests. You may need to have a Pap test, which is when your doctor collects cells from your cervix to test for infection and cancer.

You may also have a sample from your vaginal tissues removed for testing.

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Although estrogen therapy is a common treatment, there are alternative options as well. Hormone therapy may not be the right treatment for everyone. Replacing natural estrogen can help with dryness, but can also trigger side effects.

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