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For her peers, she was a role model, since she had managed what for many actors proves either difficult or impossible. She had been able to combine years of work on Chicago stages with an offstage role as a wife to her fellow actor Joe Foust, and mother to her two children from a previous marriage, year-old Declan and year-old Chance. Glynn died Saturday a day after being struck by a tree while out cycling with her husband. Born to a prominent family in Hartford, Conn. She made everyone feel like she was there for them. But it would be inaccurate to say such parts summed up her career.

Actress Red haired nude

For Glynn was an actress with range. Foust was writing of his wife, the actress Molly Glynn, lost to a freak accident In "Homecoming ," a new play by Robert Koon at Chicago Dramatists, she played the sassy waitress in a small-town diner -- another role crying out for a redhead and filled with the traps of cliche. But, in fact, Glynn layered that work with grace notes of sadness, remove, self-protection, pain, desire and resilience.

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