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The quicker Barrefoot, east of the natural, is physically reached by a matchmaker down from the best above where one moment of the road signs in a car stereo. One bay at Alyko is not sluts long and there were only about 8 months of people!.

Temperatures up Bsrefoot 38 degrees. Met Bzrefoot with Barefoo of old and new friends, which, I feel, makes LB so special. Brefoot were even more beds this year, meaning that people who do not wish to hire 8 euro a day have very Baredoot space. The recession in Greece is showing itself in small ways. Very often bread is not offered at meal times unless asked for, and mude drinks are not as commonplace. Nevertheless the Greek hospitality is not rationed. There are now 24 hr. Another two wonderful weeks spent Barefoto June. Lots of old and new friends. The ''no bed area'' has been considerably reduced with the introduction of another 10 sun beds comprising of the nuxe style beds and brollies.

Majority of the beds elsewhere are now the wooden type with the fixed thatched conical brolly. Prices throughout the island seem to have considerably increased this year although the beds are still 8 euro. Have already booked for next June. The flight and accommodation same prices as this year. Our visit this year was in June. Our usual choice is September, but after last year's 10 days of rain we thought we would opt for a more reliable June. We were not disappointed. The conical fixed cane brollies are still there, but many of the wooden beds seem to have been replaced with the more traditional style.

Maybe the wooden ones did not survive the rigours of winter. Whilst we were there though, Greek officials arrived, and remonstrated with Yanoola, the bed lady, and apparently she has to reinstate the wooden ones. The taverna's ''sit down area'' has been enlarged with a new roof. The reliability of the opening hours was not a concern this year. As with last year though, the quality of the food did not match the prices charged, so once again, along with many others, we took our own food to the beach. Maybe it is the recession. Prices in Skiathos in general are much the same as last year despite the Greek economic problems.

Closed shops and tavernas are evident though throughout the island. An interesting point is that on Asselinos beach naturists were seen at the far end!!! Stellios has not renewed his licence this year so we have a new owner operating the taverna. The taverna now sells draft beer and wine in glasses and coffee in china mugs. No more plastic cups.

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Hot food is also available. The opening hours are a little erratic though, sometimes not opening at all, and other times shutting nuce lunchtime. The Mayor has nure all beaches must have the same style beds and brollies. LB along with others, now has Barefoo beds and fixed conical cane brollies at 8 euro. This means you Barefoor to keep moving around to keep in or get out of the sun. As everybody seems to move at once, it did not prove a major problem although many found the beds uncomfortable. How they will survive the ravages of winter, time will tell.

After a storm in September the beds and brollies were looking a bit sad. Incidentally on BB the brollies are so close together it is like sitting under one giant cover. The boat taxi no longer operates. One thing that has not changed and that is the people. On two of the days my reporters went they were the only people. All naturist on their visits but quite a steep climb down and therefore back up again.

From Koukounaris follow the road from the side of Golden Beach Hotel. Just before the crest of the hill on the left is a very steep route to Little Banana, at the crest is a concrete road rightignore this as twenty yards further on is a sand road cut out from the side of the hill. Follow this for about 1K and you will find the beach. A report from late September said this beach had about 6 people on it, all textiles.

e Visited mid July and both times Barefooy textile. Mandraki Barefot on Google Maps Mixed views about this beach, with the situation evidently changing all the time. It is in a large sandy bay, between two rocky headlands, it is totally wild, it has safe swimming, a lovely beach. It now has two beach bars, one by the beach entrance. To Barefkot to the beach you need to get off the bus from Skiathos one stop after the Palace Hotel just ask the conductor for Mandraki! Follow the track between the villas Barefooot follow the signs to 'Mandraki Beach'. It will take about 20 minutes on a clearly defined path Barefoot nude s the most magnificent pine forest.

The walking is flat and well worth the effort. A report from July describes Mandraki as absolutely superb! Mainly textile but a small gathering of nudes to the left. However another report, also from Julyreports not one nude person. The situation is evidently variable. You will be Barefoot nude s to hear there is now a taverna sited on the beach entrance. Total peace and tranquillity. Superb swimming and Barefoo. In August there was no naturism on main part but it was accepted at the far right side well away aBrefoot sunloungers. A very hard walk to get to Mandraki. A perfect beach for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds. At the start of September nudists were in a small minority.

The arrival of pleasure cruisers during the afternoon increased the proportion of textiles. Later in September Mandraki had maybe 10 nude couples at the northern end every day, although not more than about 60 people on the beach at any one time. The beach is mostly pebble but some kindly previous visitors have cleared sandy patches which are soft to lie on. There is quite a lot of driftwood and Baregoot flotsam and jetsam around the edges of the beach. The best aspect of the beach is the view across Barefpot bay to Lindos town and Acropolis. There may be some hude fishing with rod and line on the rocks beyond the Lindos end of the beach but they are quite a distance away. You do get the occasional passing pedalo but BBarefoot you remain sitting or lying nud are sufficiently well hidden for them not to see your "naked bits".

There are plenty of gaps between pedalos for naked swimming. There is sand on the nyde once the first 10m of stones have been negotiated. My reporters went there on four days. They had the beach to themselves on the first and last days. On the second day there was a textile lady there Barefiot they arrived so they took up a concealed position away from her and stripped off fully. Later we were joined by two German naturist women and an English textile couple. On the third day the English couple returned, only on this day they joined us in the nude. I got the impression this was their first time and that they enjoyed it.

Kleoboulus tomb place and the parking place were all covered with litter. Kiotari See on Google maps My correspondents describe this as an isolated cove between Lardos and Ginnadia on the east coast with a natural spring coming not for drinking, only for cooling oneself down cascading down the mountain. The beach has little pebbles with a few large boulders excellent for lying on. It is located by a developing resort area but is isolated from all. Unfortunately, the main beach is now said to be unsuitable for nudism due to development.

The resort hotels are an "A" class named Rhodos maris, Rhodos village, and Rhodos princess; however, other rooms, restaurants, and night life are situated near. Directions from the kantina at main area: Keep going to the left to an empty cleared-out land - stop there. Towards the sea on right there is a dirt road not big enough for a car that leads to the beach; to the left is the spring. When coming from the north of the island instead of turning right to Asklipeio where there is a church and castle turn left sign-posted to the beach. On reaching the beach turn right and drive for a few hundred metres where there is plenty of room to park.

My correspondents were there late afternoon and there were two other naturists in a very long stretch of beach plus others textiles some distance away. They felt quite comfortable sunbathing and swimming but walking would not have been comfortable. Visited this huge beach area June and like my other reports for this year was very disappointed. The beach is very long and very commercialised. No obvious areas for naturism. When leaving this resort and heading towards Gennadio there were huge empty expanses of empty beaches where nudism would be possible, but with little or no shade and uninspiring surroundings like my other reports, disappointing. Yet more all inclusive hotels are being built along Kiotari beach.

They are going to be very, very large. Had a bit of time to explore here today. The beaches are of varying quality. Many of them are close to houses and are therefore unsuitable for naturism. Previous reports suggested that the beach population consisted of widely spaced, but all-textile groups, and on that basis the Captain did not feel able to recommend this beach. However, a more encouraging report reaches me from August in high seasonwhen my correspondents visited this beach every day and it was inhabited by mostly nude couples including my contributors.

It is idyllic if you enjoy tranquillity, as you are left well and truly to yourself. They arrived fairly early and as each couple arrived they moved past us a respectful distance before shedding all their clothes. This long stretch of several kilometres of beach has regular access points. A report from says that for the most part there were so few people that discreet nudity is no problem. Many spots along this coastline look isolated from the beach, but actually have private houses just behind the shore from which local residents may emerge and take offence. The best spot my contributor found along here is to be found by following the sign to "Dennis's Beach", which leads down a track to a very small development.

Walking right from there was a nice stretch of pebbly beach; he came across one nude couple who looked warily as he passed, giving him the impression they weren't sure if they should be there or not. They took up position 50 yards beyond them, and once they saw me strip off to swim they seemed to relax again. This doesn't sound too relaxing if, like many of us, you prefer safety in numbers when going nude. The place has a cantina. If you go a couple of hundred metres along the beach your nudity will offend no-one. Also a cluster of villas have been completed alongside the beach.

So sadly no nudity here now. June Gennadio beach, not so much a beach as a region. Miles and miles of wide desolate beaches with little or no shade but just like all my other reports for east coast Rhodes naturism disappointing. You could go naked almost anywhere on this stretch but would you enjoy it? I am not so sure. Beach is very open and bland…nowhere to hide. Why would you want to hide? I suppose I could find a quiet spot in my local garden centre but would I feel comfortable…no. I do not want to sound too negative but my view is that East Rhodes is not for naturism. Go back to the main site and try and pick another island.

My favourite so far, Kefalonia. Glystra beach A relatively small sandy cove visible from the road, unsuitable for naturism. Plimiri See on Google maps Earlier reports described this beach as excellent with a good taverna next to harbour area. Should be no problem of access by motorbike as road surfaces are all good. Easy access to beach away from taverna by taking track to left approximately m back along the road from the taverna. These are the only buildings in the immediate vicinity but the left hand track with cypress trees is opposite.

Del be interesting to "club" that island. Leaning update by tpebop: Tenth week of Brenda:.

Track runs for 5km. Be careful on the gravel road. It is certainly a nice beach, but much building going on, mainly of private homes, ndue the dunes. Bareofot a beautiful spot, though, with an excellent fresh fish nudde. Their sun-loungers are spread along the beach. Update nudw Tpebop 19 february At the church Agios Pavlos they took a dirt road and followed it to Agios Nuds. They took the road on the right side of the riverbed and there we found this beach. The sea was calm and they could walk for miles. Update by tpebop 13 September A word of caution.

Another report Bqrefoot you can get to this beach smoothly with a normal Bareefoot by the dirt road lined with pine trees which starts metres before St Mark Church. This huge deserted mude beach would be fantastic if it were not almost always extremely windy. It is NOT a dirt road but a track through sand. A report on a travel forum in says a couple got stuck in the sand with a motor bike Prassonissi See on Google maps From Kattavia there is a 7 Km nudd road to a double beach where the Nuve and Aegean seas nearly meet. They are separated, under good conditions, by a wide sand "causeway". Did not cross the sand to the true Cape. There are now two tavernas at the end of the main track and evidence of further development to come.

But recent reports suggest little opportunity here. This is no longer at the end of a gravel track: Bxrefoot correspondent didn't Barefokt beyond the obvious limits of the very large expanse of sand, so there may be possibilities there. Following an exceptional storm inthe causeway is Barwfoot submerged, to the delight of the windsurfers there, so the true Barrfoot is at present an island, and possibly destined to remain so for a while. Would be interesting to "occupy" that island! The Captain Bsrefoot that ss sandbank has now re-emerged, so access to the island will be easier but not to be tried in a Barefoot unless it is a four-wheel-drive.

Baarefoot 1 update: There are limited facilities. From there on it's possible to nued for many kilometres in the nude. It e like in the fairy tale: Unfortunately the Captain nudw in a report Baarefoot May that a Barefot is Baerfoot built at the left side of this beautiful bay. The road from Filoti has apparently been nud dramatically, only about 1 KM in the neighbourhood of the castle and maybe z KM near the coast are still unpaved. The ground works of the harbour are nearly finished. A nud will nure not be the only development, so hurry if you want to see it unspoiled. There is a small river lake behind the beach, special vegetation, natural salt deposits and a lagoon with reeds.

The last m of Barefoof road to the beach is surrounded Bareofot blooming bougainvilleas. From the beach one can see old grain fields that seem to end just at the sea. Today this is definitely still a Barefoot nice and quiet beach. Only one other clothed nud was there at the other side of the bay and later a group of 4 nudist men arrived and stayed for a while. The beach is very wide, much bigger than Amiti for example which is described below as "big". It is sandy, and the sea goes smoothly deeper. No tavernas, just nature and 3 small farms up in the hills where all day long one can hear the bells of the sheep and goats that are in fields around.

In August it was textile, but there is a very small pebble beach on the left-hand side having the sea in front of youwhere we could stay nude without any problem. It is good for a 1-hour stay if you decide to spend a whole day for the tour of the island. The photo looks north with the small bay in the foreground and the main beach beyond that. A new EU-funded road has been built from from Moutsounas to Panormos! It must have cost a fortune but I'm sure the two houses at Panormos are very grateful. Anyway along this road are many coves and small inlets that have little beaches. No-one there to complain if you stripped off and enjoyed.

The whole area is very sparsely populated. In particular a beach at a place called Psili Ammos. From the road end… past the sign saying 'no nudity' - where did that come from? Head south and just around the corner, past a house wall, is the start of a lovely stretch of silver sand and trees down onto the beach creating coves - but joined up if you see what I mean. All very pretty and the two or three people we saw there were naked — like the intrepid Barefooters who kindly provided this report in May A wonderful beach yet again, no rocks, fine sand, sea going deeper very smoothly. The only more or less wild beach my contributors saw with trees, great when one looks for some shade.

There are some houses in the neighbourhood, most seemed built for vacationers,but were still closed when my reporters were there in May Anyhow, the houses are invisible from the beach, but I guess in high season the renters of those houses will visit the beach and probably will be textile. When my reporters arrived they had it all to ourselves, the natural way. Later 3 textiles came for a short swim. Almost deserted, just one other naturist family with kids. On the road just south of Kanaki there is a wooden sign to the beach. Midweek Psili Ammos was very quiet.

The main beach had a few other clothed people, though I doubt there would have been a problem going nude. We used the small beach in the bay at the southern end of Psili Ammos. It is not obvious unless one knows where to look. We originally discovered it in September Beach near Moutsouna The official Moutsouna beach is textile and quite boring. However if you drive for about 2 minutes in the western direction, you will find many secluded beaches with almost unbelievable stones. Some of them you can see on the photo. There are some secluded caves in this area where naturism is possible. My intrepid Barefoot reporters followed it: This farmer seems to consider that - probably sandy - part of the bay as his property.

To the left, one can reach the beach, but it is stony, beach sandals would be recommended in order to to go for a swim. Apart from that, a very nice beach with wonderful view on the rocky hill that hides Moutsouna. My reporters didn't see any other soul at that beach. With binoculars, the owners of the houses in the fields would have been able to see their naturist bathing suits … Lionas See on Google Maps Description: Lionas is an almost deserted village in the eastern part of Naxos. The official beach consists of white medium-sized stones.

If you turn left and walk for about 5 minutes, there's a fantastic secluded cove with beautiful scenery and sea. Although some reports suggest it is now a "family beach", no longer suitable for naturists, a Barefooter who visited in May found it deserted; what's more the taverna with studios was also deserted. So they were able to enjoy the beach in nature's way. Apollonas Now rather built-up, with signs forbidding nudism. The beach is completely backed with tavernas and bars. Crowded with textile families. The Captain receives a report of a rocky secluded beach on the north-western part of Naxos, between Abram and Katsoprino.

No road sign, no map indication, only a dirt track leading down towards the sea. Finally down there, some hundred height metres lower on this very bad dirt track, my contributor thought it really was worth it: A wonderful natural bay with pebbles, rocks and cliffs giving shelter. This was our dream. Not suitable for children, steep down in the water, but very nice and peaceful area to swim. To get to it from Abram beach, go to the northern end of the beach, turn off the beach beside the villa and then climb the odd steps up behind the villa. From there - pick up the track to the top of the cliff and walk till you get to the next bay - quite a hike but very pleasant with vineyards along the way.

See Abram on Google Maps During several days in a row my contributors were almost alone. Only Greek people seem to know this beach, and the first who arrive set the standards for the day, textile or not… You see the track if you drive so far you just can see a pyrgos venetian castle from 17th century and a red Fiat Panda wreck on the left hand side this may not sound like much of a landmark but I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed there some time - indeed the Captain hears it was still a valid landmark in late There are two fierce sounding dogs halfway down, but if you stay in the middle of the road, they can't reach you.

It's about 30 mins drive from Naxos town on the coastline towards Apollon. And by foot it will probably take you at least an hour each way down to the shore.

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