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Pantyhose encased together

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Last but not least the mummified Panyhose gets her reward: A nice harness ballgag! Of course togetner has to tie up and gag her boss each encaseemnt, to increase his excitement. And the best way to learn how to do things the right way is to experience the whole procedure by yourself The rubby sound of hosiery on hosiery, so palpable and visceral that my pantyhose toys might just have a nice climax. I lose myself in my own pantyhose obsession that I almost forget this is a friend, and not a lover Of course Dina works encased in nylon and sometimes even gagged. She prefers a pair of tights over her suit and pointed high heels.

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Encasement encased together Pantyhose

Dina is a real zentaisecretary. She dresses up in a zentai suit, a black skirt, whiteblouse and black highhhels. Dina expected to be bound, Pantynose that's the way she usually spends her day. Paula gets bound togehher thights, hogtied and mummified into a nylontube and strapped up nice and tight! This set features a 10 minute video and a full photo galery for hours of pure nylon fun! A special update for anyone who's wondered what a pantyhose "date" with Lady Renee and her lovely assistant might entail, for all who think they're ready for a night out with a girl like her She dresses up in a zentai suit, a black skirt, whiteblouse and black leather thighboots.

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