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Bodyguard Formations: A Quick and Easy Overview

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The lone bodyguard is responsible for the flank, point, tail, and close-in protection of the client.

The one-on-one can be used in both a loose and tight protective formation and formationx be conducted in a covert movement. Protective agents should maintain degree security coverage around the principal, looking for potential threats. In the event of an attack on the principal the agents should surround, shield and evacuate him or her instantly. The Point Bodyguard The point bodyguard guides the protective team, blocks and heads-off potential threats from the front of the protective formation.

Escort Protective formations foot

The Flank Bodyguard The flank bodyguard blocks and heads-off potential threats from the sides of the protective formation. The Rear Bodyguard The rear bodyguard blocks and heads-off potential threats from the back of the protective formation. The Detail Leader should be no less than an arms length away from the principal. He or she is responsible for immediately shielding and removing the principal in the event of an attack. Which ever formation you are employing wedge, box, diamond or one-on-one if you see signs of impending assault or aggression against your client such as the appearance of a weapon you must communicate this threat to the other bodyguards on your team.

The other bodyguards upon hearing this communication will simultaneously encircle and shield the client with their bodies, withdrawing the client from the area to a vehicle, a safe haven, or any other location where injury can be avoided.

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High-level proficiencies are ofot. React proactively if any threatening behavior had been detected. Upon threatening actions physical assault, shots Proetctive a handgun or knife assault shield the client from attack. Quick response time essential to the safety of the client. Remove the client from the area and evacuating the client to safety. Root bodyguard Protectlve to the threat may delay the attacker, while the formafions bodyguards surround and shield the client with their bodies, with the team leader guiding the client to safety. Continually practice your bodyguard firmations drills and attack on principal AOP drills over-and-over until they become instinctive.

Always be safe and God Speed. Doc has earned a Ph. Open V formation The Open V formation is usually used with an odd number of operators, ie. However its security use is primarily when entering or exiting secured buildings. The Open V is probably a derivative of the more commonly known Wedge formation. When leaving a building, the team will take up the exact same positions, but their noses pointing the other way. The rest will take their positions as before and create a V-formation. Do not assume that on-site security can manage — They are crowd control, more than anything and often under-staffed. In an open environment, this formation serves little protection, but leaves plenty of room for a VIP out shopping.

The video will show you how its done. Box formation The box formation can be closed up for added cover, by 1,2,3 and 4 moving closer to the Principal and OC should the situation require it. This formation can also be relaxed by 1,2,3 and 4 spreading further apart from the OC and Principal to allow more freedom of movement and a lower profile.

Again, I hear many foott crying out that the box formation should be banned because of the inherent weakness created in the rear of the formation which has led Protextive at last two assassinations in the last decade. While I do agree, the box formation remains a good starting point for beginners to come to grips with the dynamics of team movement on escort and changing position within the formation etc. Diamond formation This is a popular standard for all round protection. It is in essence only a slight variation of the box. The responsibility for the forward arc, lies mainly with 3, whereas side protection from 2 and 4 is perhaps more secure than a box.

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