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However, all patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunctions were enrolled. The same clinical examinations were performed on control subjects. Normal nocturnal erection was also verified in the controls. Patients and healthy controls were matched not only in terms of ethnicity, age, education, but also in terms of nicotine use [19]. Psychiatric and Psychological Assessment All subjects underwent a 1-h medical history interview with a psychiatrist and took the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview M. Erectile function, sexual arousability, psychophysical status, anxiety and personality were assessed using the following questionnaires: A high resolution structural volume was acquired via a 3D fast field echo T1-weighted sequence.

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Acquisition parameters movkes as follows: Before data processing, noise reduction of structural images was performed by using SUSAN algorithm [ http: Subcortical grey matter GM structure segmentation and absolute volume estimation of amygdala, hippocampus, nucleus accumbens, caudate nucleus, putamen, pallidum and thalamus were performed using FIRST [30]. Successively, subcortical regions were visually checked for errors. The apices of adjoining triangles are called vertices. Because the number of these vertices in each GM structure is fixed, corresponding vertices can be compared across individuals and between groups.

In this way, the local shape changes was directly assessed by analysing vertex locations and by looking at the differences in ssample vertex position between controls moviws patients groups. Group comparisons of vertices were carried out using F-statistics [30][31]. Design matrix is a dowmloadable regressor specifying group membership zero for controls, ones for the patients. After brain and skull extraction, the original structural image of each subject was affine-registered to MNI space as described in the previous section. Data were analyzed by using a VBM analysis [35][36].

The resulting images were averaged to create a template, to which the native GM images were then non-linearly re-registered. For correcting local expansion or contraction, the registered partial volume images were then modulated by dividing by the Jacobian of the warp field. ED patients and healthy controls were compared by means of an univariate analysis of variance 1-way ANOVA for age, educational level, use of nicotine, ICV and volumes of deep grey structures separately. In order to minimize the likelihood of type I error, an overall multivariate analysis of variance MANOVA using single volumes of subcortical structures corrected for ICVs in each of the analyses as dependent variables.

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