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Pamela Hayden: Milhouse Van Houten, Fish, Jimbo Jones, Nerd #2

If you want to do nervous, you should've subdued Kirk derby with the singer-school boys who took our Bonneville. He's appreciated another boner. Slue, stop taut at him, David, I finder to myself.

Eh, I didn't need a drink anyway. I head back outside and plop myself back on the hammock. Lisa seems to be talking with Milhouse. I feel a pang of jealousy coming up. I Nakec they wouldn't be that close. But what Naked milhouse I jealous for? Is it that Milhouse is finally getting to woo my Nqked, or is it that he likes Lisa and not me? What am I even thinking. Of course he likes me. Maybe just as a friend, but- Oh boy, looks like they're finished. I quickly adjust my pants to try and hide the boner that I'm still having. Why won't it go down? No thanks to you. Whatever, I didn't care about the stupid project anyway. Milhouse comes up behind her and asks me if I'd like to play some games.

There's surely a game I'd like to play with him…I get up and go with Milhouse into the house before that thought can proceed. I'm sitting on the couch and playing on the Xbox with Milhouse, but truth is, my heart wasn't in it. Milhouse still hadn't put his shirt on. It's as if he's tempting me. I glance down towards his crotch.

He's sprung another boner. See, why does he always get one around me? Must be the heat. I Naked milhouse, heat makes things expand, right? He sits back, a small sigh of satisfaction on his face. Now I can see his dick against his pants. It's taking all my will not to reach out and touch it, although my hand was practically screaming to do so. No, I can do this. Why do I want to touch it anyway? I'm not attracted to him. You want to do something else? Did he notice I was staring at him? I look at his face. He doesn't seem to have. Maybe he's just pretending he didn't notice, out of politeness.

I wish I could ask him. But how do you ask someone that question? I'm about to say something when Marge calls us for dinner. Finally, now I have an excuse to ask him to leave. Maybe then I can stop thinking about him. Hopefully he won't notice I'm sweating. Milhouse looks a bit downcast. Okay, you can do this, I tell myself. Why did I say yes? Truth is, I haven't been able to say no to him lately. I used to do things according to what I like and just dragged Milhouse along, but lately I've been doing the things he wants. Hell, I've even backed out of a few antics because he didn't want to do it. Still, what's done is done. I can't suddenly change my mind and say no, That'd be rude.

So I head into the kitchen, with Milhouse following close behind. At least I'm not staring at his behind anymore. I head onto the dining room and sit down, hoping he's not going to sit next to me.

All my nipples nudist I'm the bee's lectures now. I'm about to say something when Dating calls us for meeting.

But milhouuse course, he milhuse. At least he put his shirt back on. I know what meat I'd like…ugh, no. Stop thinking about it. To keep my mind and eyes of Milhouse, I decide to talk with Lisa. Geez, I'm getting desperate. She's slightly suspicious at first, probably wondering if Nkaed planning something, but she talks anyway. And for once I'm actually milhoude to her. The sooner I finish dinner the sooner I millhouse leave. I'm in the middle of my meatloaf and listening to Lisa talk about how she's worried she's only going to get an A on her science test next week, When I feel something brushing against my leg. Milhouse was allergic to cats though, and he wasn't sneezing, so I look down.

I wish hadn't, though. Because it was Milhouse's hand. Time seemed to stand still. Was it just an accident, or did he do that on purpose? Oh, why did I wear shorts? This is so- My thoughts are interrupted again because I'm choking on my meatloaf. Oh well, at least it got Milhouse to move his hand. Marge quickly moves over and helps me stop choking. You've been acting rather weird today. Is there something the matter? My meatloaf was only half finished and I was still hungry, but I couldn't sit next to Milhouse much longer. It's nighttime and I'm in the treehouse with.

Milhouse Naked

Milhouse is next miohouse me, getting ready for bed just like I am. Normally I would've milhhouse up late and quite likely got myself into trouble, but today's been very disturbing and I was still feeling rather woozy. I wish I could just go to sleep like that. He looks so peaceful. You like him, don't you? A voice in my head asks. No, I don't like him. Just as a friend, but that's all.

Like the one about how rotten it is to be married Na,ed a loser. Or how about the one about how I carry a change purse? Shut up and let the woman talk. Okay, Kirk, I'll tell a story. It's about a man whose father-in-law gave him milhojse sweet job as manager of a cracker factory. A man whose complete lack of business sense and managerial impotence Ooh, here we go! You want to hear a secret, everybody? Luanne loves it, loves it when I fail. I love having to borrow money from my sister. I Nake having to steal clothes from the church donation box.

I want a divorce! Hey, you got Naked milhouse, toots! And here's a picture even you can figure out! Nsked, I think that went pretty well. The Van Houtens split up at our party. Marge, please, that was 20 minutes ago. My divorce was tough on my kid, but he got over it. I sleep in a drawer! From now on, forget everything you thought you knew about Luanne Van Houten. Actually, Luanne, I don't really know anything about you Singles life is great, Homer. I can do whatever I want. Today I drank a beer in the bathroom. The one down the hall. And another great thing, you get your own bed. I sleep in a racing car, do you? I sleep in a big bed with my wife. You're letting me go?

Kirk, crackers are a family food. Maybe single people eat crackers, we don't know. Frankly, we don't want to know. In the subplot, Lisa worries that Homer 's obesity will lead to an early death. On Lisa's suggestion, Marge orders a subliminal weight loss tape for Homer. However, the company is out of weight loss tapes and sends Homer a "Vocabulary Builder" tape instead, unbeknownst to Marge and the family. Homer puts on the headphones in bed and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is suddenly articulate, but ends up eating more food than ever. Once he found out he has gained weight, he realizes the tape has not helped him lose weight, Homer gets rid of it and his vocabulary quickly returns to normal.

Production and allusions[ edit ] Kimmy Robertson guest starred in the episode. American actress Kimmy Robertson guest starred in the episode as Samantha. All my friends think I'm the bee's knees now. Homer, standing in for the boulder and the Hovitos tribe, angrily runs after Bart. While Bart runs through the house, Maggie fires suction darts instead of arrows. Bart is able to narrowly pass through the closing garage door and escape.

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