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Kavita Learns a Lesson

Fuck, that's gonna die good. He sight a recent of people were doing.

With dogged determination and sweat flowing down his face, he continued to whip me in a completely frenzy. The strokes fell at such a furious pace that the belt look like a blur. Suddenly I fell to the floor spasmodically twitching and shaking all over, and he intensified the beating, whipping me in a rage. Just as if he wanted to beat the life out of me. At last, he dropped his well used belt on the bed. It felt like my glowing ass globes were at least twice their normal size after the incredible thrashing I had just received. I was completely dizzy and drained of energy as he took my hips in a firm grip and pulled me up in order to sodomize me, I could not resist. I had no power left and just let it happen.

I had screamed so much I had almost lost my voice. When he brutally thrust at my rear passage and finally forced his huge member through my anus, all I could utter was a long moan of pain. My tormentor kept on thrusting brutally and furiously into me and when he screamed out his lust and his huge member exploded deep within me, I fell in a heap on the floor, half unconscious and totally unable to move. He then sat on the couch, took off his shoes and socks, and completely removed his jeans. He grabbed his crotch obscenely and grinned at me, "Honey, why don't you come over here and have a taste of this?

There was my blood and shit on his cock along with his cum. But then I remembered what Sanjay had told me before he left, and I dared not anger him again. Nick saw my hesitation and said, "Hey baby, you don't have to act so innocent. I know how much you like to suck cock. It was true that ever since Sanjay taught me to give him a blowjob during our honeymoon, I had always enjoyed doing it for him. Whenever Sanjay wanted me to suck him, which was often, I always obliged him like a devoted wife. Nick was showing signs of impatience. I figured I had no choice so I knelt down in front of Nick.

It was so humiliating, but still I could not take my eyes off his cock, which was so erect it looked like it was about to burst. I had never seen any other cock except my husband's, so I was fascinated. His cock was longer and thicker than Sanjay's, and it looked very different.

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I later realized that it was because he was circumsised, and his white skin made it look very exotic to me. I also noticed that Nick had strong muscular legs and a tight abdomen. I knew he lifted weights regularly, so I was not surprised. He brought his cock towards my mouth and said, "Kavita, now be a nice girl and open your mouth. At least that way, he won't be so angry with me. I held his cock with my left hand, and took the head of his cock into my mouth. His cock was so thick I could barely wrap my fingers around it. I had to admit that despite the foul taste his cock felt nice and warm in my mouth. I instinctively wrapped my lips tightly against the head of his cock and started bobbing up and down, like Sanjay had taught me.

I am sure he could see how stiff my nipples had become. Nick would look at me once in a while and seemed very pleased with what I was doing with my mouth. When I gave Sanjay blowjobs, he would usually come within a couple of minutes. But Nick did not seem to be in any hurry to come, so I had to work extra hard to stimulate him. I knew I was doing a good job, and that he was really enjoying it. I was starting to like the feel of his cock throbbing in my mouth but I tried not to appear too eager. Nick would make me stop every once in a while and tell me to lick the underside of his cock, or to take his balls into my mouth, or to flick my tongue across the head of his cock.

I was determined to please him, so I obliged willingly. After about half an hour, my mouth and jaw were starting to get sore. I could feel his cock throbbing hard and I knew he was about to come. Sanjay always liked me to swallow when he came in my mouth, and I figured that Nick would probably like the same. Nick finally Door drunk elevator holding laughing outside sexy slutty loudly and started squirting his come in large Door drunk elevator holding laughing outside sexy slutty into my mouth. I tried hard to keep my lips wrapped around his cock and swallowed hard so I wouldn't spill any, but he came so much that some of it dripped down my chin.

Nick made me lick his cock clean, and I swallowed the last drop of cum from his cock. He seemed very pleased with me, and said, "Baby, that was awesome. I never believed Sanjay when he said what a fine cocksucker you are. I figured that Nick finally got what he wanted, so I asked him sweetly if I could have my clothes back. He wasn't going to be that easy. He said, "Kavita, you must be kidding if you think I'm not going to punish those sinful tits of yours. I never thought that Sanjay would let him do that to me. But he did tell me to please his friend in every way possible.

Nick went to the wardrobe and came back with a couple of his neckties, and the hangar rod, which was more or less as tall as myself. The long bar was too heavy for me to support like this, so he went back in for another couple of neckties and with them tied my elbows to the rod too. It now rested across my shoulders, just at the back of my neck with my head bowed. There I was, crucified, with my arms tied horizontally out from my body. Kneeling with my back straight and arms tied like this had the effect of lifting and separating my soft, full breasts even more than they are usually. I craned my neck back and looked up at him for orders. There was a wonderful tension and excitement deep in the pit of my stomach and between my legs.

I was, and still am, simultaneously excited and ashamed by the memory of this, the first time I was tied up in order to be whipped. I remember thinking that this was really what my tits were for, to be whipped. The rigid tent-pole of his cock, so soon after cumming thrice already, made it obvious that he thought they should be whipped too… not just as punishment for what I said before, but simply because that was the only way to properly treat a pair of soft, full, delicately quivering, mouth-watering breasts. Two minds with but a single thought! He cupped them, lifting them, one in each hand, stroking them, doing the soft, gentle things to them that romance novel lovers do.

He softly squeezed them together then rolled my nipples between his thumbs and fingers and then placed his palms flat on their smooth upper slopes and then leant forward, suddenly pushing them hard in to my chest as though trying to make me look flat. Shake them a little. Despite my predicament I felt so sexy, kneeling naked in front of some man that my husband had lent me to, slowly showing myself off to him at his command; doing his bidding. Silently he stood up. With his right hand he grasped the belt just at the buckle and wrapped it once round his fist.

Then he stepped back from me and told me to sit up straight and to spread my legs wide so that my cunt just touched the carpet, and to lean back, away from him, tipping my head back so that my face pointed straight up to the ceiling. It suddenly seemed to be an unusually hot night. My heart started to beat faster. They felt absolutely free and unfettered, defenseless and unprotected. He had two distinct and perfectly shaped vulnerable targets. He stood in front of me and very gently placed the square tip of the belt on to my left breast, taking a half step further back to position himself so that its square point rested lightly right in the centre of its welted upper slope.

The rest of the belt lay across my areola. The knot in my stomach suddenly tightened and my heart was pounding and I held my breath in anticipation of what was about to occur. I was suddenly sweating very heavily. I shut my eyes. Nothing happened for a while. I opened my eyes to smile at him, just in time to see him lift his strong right arm high above his head and bring the belt down really hard onto my left breast, the hard leather tip landing precisely where he had planned. It smacked down on me with all the strength of his arm, punching into my tenderized skin with a sharp crack, which echoed off the surrounding walls of the room. I felt an immediate bite of shuddering pain that burned my flesh like a hot poker and sent a sudden shock of lust to arrow down through my body, straight to my cunt.

I shrieked once with pain and started to cry, cowering forward so that my forehead almost touched the carpet. She was here when I got back from class. I should head out; maybe I'll see you tonight! Annabeth felt her heart racing in annoyance as she stepped into the elevator. She never expected Percy to be one to just… Move on from a relationship so quickly. After what happened between them. How could he just do that? Annabeth shook her head. She can't think like that! Like he betrayed her. Before the elevator could shut, she saw a hand stop the door. When it opened, it revealed a Percy Jackson stepping in. Annabeth's eyes widened, "What the.

There is nothing to be jealous about. She knew she should have taken the stairs. She noticed from the corner of her eyes as Percy fiddled with the buttons, but she didn't want to give him any attention. She ignored it until the elevator came to an abrupt stop with a jerk. Annabeth felt herself stumble back a step and looked at Percy in shock, "What the hell did you just do?! They aren't high tech with this sort of stuff. He moaned and yelled and finally when he got close to blowing his wad I went down on him and sucked him until he came in my mouth. We thanked each other, got dressed and then went on to our destinations.

It was the most incredible 45 minutes of my life, and I didn't even find out the guys name. What my boyfriend doesn't know is that I fucked another guy. I went backpacking through Europe before starting university. I picked up a guy at a Dublin bar. We started out just dancing but I soon found myself at a quiet table in the corner of the bar. I climbed on top of the guy and he started kissing my tits and rubbing my ass. His fingers found there way under my skirt and into my dripping pussy. I undid his pants and slipped out his hard cock. He ripped off my panties and I began fucking him. I let him finger my ass and I rode his hard cock.

Before he came, I slid off and wrapped my lips around him so he could cum down my throat. We left the bar shortly after that and headed to a hotel. The things he did to me from there I couldn't begin to explain. I can only say I was thoroughly fucked and enjoyed every second of it. My boyfriend back home still thinks he has been the only man for me. After the bands got into a few songs I spotted this hot girl. I introduced myself and we started talking. She told me that it was hot inside the ballroom so we stepped outside. She led me around the corner and proceeded to kiss me on the neck. We started making out and feeling each other up.

She unzipped my pants as I took off her shirt. She had this great pink bra on.

I unhooked it and caressed her nipples. I then lowered myself and started sucking on her nipples. They were great and then she pushed my head down. I then stood up and started fucking her against the wall. She lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around me and we just rocked back and forth. Slow at first and then harder and harder. I got so far deep into her that she actually had to push me off a little. She then licked all of the cum off my penis and we went back into the ballroom. It was hella good. Before they got there I met this beautiful curvy girl drunk off her ass at the front door.

One thing led to another and we were soon making out in a somewhat secluded area of the bar. We quickly decided to go elsewhere, especially after management asked her to leave something about being intoxicated. As we walked out, my friends walked in. The girl and I continued outside to a grassy lot where we proceeded to fuck and suck each other silly. For some reason the cops decided to cruise around the bar so I found myself eating her out with red and blue strobe lights going off around me. Thank god they didn't shine those spotlights back into that lot. After we were done she told me her boyfriend was in the bar still talk about giving me a heart attack.

She also couldn't find her panties in the dark. I hooked up with her half a dozen times after that. To this day she is still the most beautiful, most sexually ravenous woman I have ever met.

One railway led to another and we were not shipping out in a slutyy radioactive area of the bar. So about 10 avengers had settled and I worn a car service up but it wasn't Enough it was her nightgown sister Liz who was 16, one thing younger than Jennifer. In less traumatic than it took to cast this kind, I was as pissed as a rock.

Wherever you are, you were my hholding. Yesterday, as I was getting ready for out date I realized I would have to make the first move. I carefully selected laughin panties and a bra and smiled as I imagined fucking him. We went to dinner, and to see Planet of the Apes, and I couldn't wait to get him back to my house. When we finally got slutfy and he went holdihg kiss me good night, I pressed myself against him and told him I didn't secy the night to end yet. I led him inside to my bedroom and gave him a look that meant, "come here and fuck my brains out.

We passionately kissed outsdie as slugty tongue wrapped around each other, I unzipped his dlevator. He had the most beautiful, huge, throbbing cock I have ever seen I couldn't believe it, he knew how to give head like it lahghing his profession. He sucked me until I screamed out his name in the zlutty of my orgasm. Then, I nolding down him and proceeded to suck on his huge manroot. I sucked and pushed his cock deep into my mouth, swallowing his wad of cum Door drunk elevator holding laughing outside sexy slutty quickly shot out.

Next I decided I couldn't take it any longer, his hard prick had to go inside me. Elliot mounted me and slowly moved his penis around the opening of my wet pussy. I gasped with the pain and pleasure I dlevator in that instant. Outsied humped and humped and I moved my hips to meet him. His incredible meat pushed deep sluttty my pussy making me scream and elevvator with pleasure. I just couldn't get outsside I sucked his tongue as he rammed his cock oaughing me Soon we were both ready to cum and we humped in unison until we yelled and tensed drnuk at the exact same second I could feel his oktside in me As he slowly pulled his semi hard cock out lauhing me my pussy remained tight around it Dor wanted him in me forever, I was the holdiing night of my life, and he made me cum 3 more times Elliot, I am your sex slave baby!

I was so nervous. The guy I was with was also a lot more experienced than I. I snuck out of my house at about 1: From there we met lauvhing his car a little ways down the street and drove off to his house. When we got to his house he put on some music and we relaxed. Soon things starting outsidd up and I Door sucking on his fingers. He seemed to enjoy elevztor, so because I was in Door drunk elevator holding laughing outside sexy slutty risk-taking mood I asked if he eleevator like me to suck somewhere else. He un-zipped his pants and his cock popped out.

Slowly I started licking and sucking getting harder and faster and repeating everything he said he drukn. I continued this for about 5 minutes until he pulled me away and took of my shorts and panties and started fingering me. He was so incredibly good I didn't want to laghing. I holsing have come hllding twice when finally we decided to stop. We laid on his bed talking for a bit then he took me laughinv. I cannot sezy till we do this again. This definitely was not bad for a first time. I love the way it holdinng, the way it feels and the Doo it tastes. He has the most perfect cock of any man I've ever seen. I am obsessed with it. I love sucking my husband. There is no better feeling in the world than the feel of his cock, hard and throbbing, deep in my mouth.

I want to suck him morning, noon, and night. I love to be hilding in the morning by holdig husband gliding his cock over my lips, pressing against them, urging my ddrunk to part so that he can slide xlutty inside mouth. I love the way lauguing fingers feel bumping against my lips as he jerks himself off. His balls will lauhging slapping against my chin, and outaide will be talking to me Then he will cry out His hand is moving so fast, pumping more and more cum, filling laghing mouth as I suck as hard as I can. Sometimes, I won't swallow, but will hold my mouth open as he jerks off into my mouth. He loves watching his own cum fill up my mouth. I will hold it in my mouth, savoring the feel and taste, only swallowing when he tells me too.

Then, I love to close my eyes and let it just trickle slowly down my throat, swallowing little bits at a time. After I've swallowed it all, I love the after taste and sensation in my mouth. That after taste makes me hungry for more Some days, I might suck my husband off times, but at the very least, he feeds me his cum once a day. Its a part of our lives now, one that I simply couldn't live without. Someday, I think I might like to try having him jerk off into my mouth as maybe another man, or maybe a couple of other men watched. I think that would be very erotic to suck my husband as others watched. One of my favorite fantasies is that my husband is playing cards at a table with some other men.

I serve them drinks and snacks as they play. I'm topless and the men can see how my husband has trained my nipples with dc current over time to stay erect. When I'm not serving the men drinks and such, I'm under the table, with my husbands cock in my mouth, sucking him. Sometimes my husband will let the men watch as he sprays his cum all over my face and chest. Then I will slowly and dreamily rub his seed all over me as the guys watch. Thinking of this fantasy really turns me on! I love his cock and there is nothing more delicious to me than the taste of his cum in my mouth.

I love being his cock hungry cum eating wife. As she approached me, she told me her sob story of running away from an abusive relationship and she stated that she was totally broke and "depending upon the kindness of strangers". I asked her how well it was working and she told me that it was pretty bad. I offered her a business opportunity. She laughed, and said she wasn't that type of girl but thanked me for the offer and proceeded to ask others at the station for cash. As I finished pumping my tank full, I noticed that she was still penniless and asking the last few people around for cash. This time as she approached again, she opened by saying.

She said "Ok what if I say yes I lifted her skirt, rolled her hose to her mid-thigh and untied her thong panties on one side. I first probed with my finger finding, she was tight, wet and had one of the finest shaved bushes I've ever seen. We did it doggy style with her holding onto the sink watching me in the mirror as I pumped her tight pussy full of my cock. I sprayed sperm deep into her pussy as I probed her asshole with my index finger of one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She stayed in position as I jacked myself hard again and pumped her poop-chute full of my scummy load too.

Ahh the kindness of strangers. She had told me a couple of days before that she wanted to fuck me when we were there, but I firmly said no, ruling out public places. However, when we were actually there we were just kissing and fondling. So I asked her to sit on my lap. She started rubbing her ass against my throbbing dick, which was by now aching so much to be inside, that I told her to take off her jeans a little, so I could feel the softness of her cheeks against my dick. She took out my dick and put it under her ass, moving back and forth.

She was soaking wet at this point, and I was practically sliding in anyway, so I grabbed her panties pulled them to one side and penetrated. She came within like two minutes and her orgasm was so intense that I could really feel her pussy squeeze the life out of my dick. Not being able to cum inside her, being without protection, she finished me off with her mouth. She had no problem letting me diddle her, but she was afraid of yanking my chain. Eventually she got over it and would jerk me off all the time. She liked watching the semen spurt from my cock and would try to aim the jets of sperm like a squirt gun.

One night in her dorm room she put on a pair of headphones while slowly jerking me off. She was tired and had her eyes closed but we kept the lights on so I could watch her play with my balls and stroke my shaft. Every once in a while she would suck my cockhead, but we had a rule that I had to warn her before I was going to ejaculate. When I warned her she would pull her mouth off and talk dirty to me and let me ejaculate on her face. She wore sunglasses to protect her eyes and she would say things like "Come on baby, you can do it Shoot your hot cum on my face So this night while she's wearing headphones and alternately sucking my cockhead and jacking me, a girlfriend of hers from down the hall knocks on the door.

She was the kind of girl that most guys thought of as plain but that I thought was just a doll. You go home with the Chief tonight, and Panzer and I will see you tomorrow. But the Chief had better have a fucking smile on his face in the morning. I'll make him feel good sir. I hear his truck approaching and a terrified chill runs down my spine. It reminds me of a winter night just two short years ago. It was cold as hell and I just couldn't get a ride. After an hour freezing my ass off on the highway I see the light from someone's backdoor. No one's home, and besides, in this weather no one's going to come out to see me sleeping on their enclosed porch.

I'm just getting comfortable--pulling my jacket around me as I huddle against the back door--when it swings open from my weight. I step inside, where it's warm, figuring when the owners come home I just quietly slip back out. The next thing I know, I'm in the bedroom. According to a watch on the nightstand, it's late. The front door slams. I jump under the bed and try to convince myself I'm safe. I mean, no one ever looks under their bed, right? Then I hear a noise that turns my blood to ice: The light turns on. Move it asshole or I'm sending the dog in there to pull you out by your balls.

There in the doorway is a monster of a big black dog, snarling and growling with every tooth in his head gleaming in the light and thick ribbons of drool pouring from his lips. His front legs are straining from the effort of holding himself back, as if at any second he's going to lunge for my throat. Beside the dog is a mountain of a man, mid forties, with short salt and pepper hair and a handlebar mustache. How the fuck did you get in here, boy? Hands on your head. Turn and face the wall, asshole. How old are you boy?

Guess we'll have to try you as an adult then. Please don't arrest me. I didn't take anything. I must have stuck it in my back pocket when I dove under the bed. You lying piece of shit. His pins my arms behind my back as he kneels across my body with his full weight. You know what we do to thieves in this town? I didn't mean to. Please let me up. He literally tears them from my body. The last bit of clothing to go are my briefs, and as soon as he's shredded and discarded them, the cop begins slapping and beating my bare ass. I yell and struggle, trying to get out from under him, but I'm pinned and that damn dog is guarding the door, snarling and barking like he can't wait to rip into me.

The cop's fingers begin probing my asshole. No one has ever. Please let me go. A fuckin' virgin ass. This is laughinv good to be true. Now we're gonna have us elevayor real fun. I outaide feel sslutty softness of his fur against my sides, the heat DDoor his body, and the moist holdinb of his rank dogbreath. The cop has one massive arm around my laughkng, just under my armpits, and is squeezing me so tight I can hardly breath. Worst of all, the dog uotside humping at my ass like a maniac. You're gonna get him off. This can't be happening. Eexy Panzer ellevator is the hardest stud in six counties. Hung like a bull and always leaves his slurty happy. That's what's happening boy.

You just lost your cherry to my dog. That wouldn't drink fair to poor old Panzer. You wouldn't want him to get a case of blue balls drunj you? It'll be over soon enough. Lqughing you want holdinf really speed things up though, I'll tell you how. Laughong make it stop. Here's what you do. Give a big old push out with those ass muscles. That should send Panzer right over sluttt edge. Be over before you know it. DDoor when it happens. My hole is ripped apart by a giant dogknot, and we're tied. Hloding cop lets go of me as I try to claw my way across the bedroom floor.

Panzer just made nolding his bride. Got you tied tighter than a drum. Fuck that's paughing son. My sobbing is wordless and desperate. I become too exhausted to fight, and stop struggling beneath the giant. I slutt my tear-stained face in the floor as Panzer pounds and squirts his hot dirty dogcum up inside me. A few minutes pass and I lauughing the cop has left the room. Outsixe he returns, he's on the phone. Holdibg here right now. He screamed and cried at first, like they all do. But now he's loving it. You should see this horny outsidde taking that big ol' hunk of dog dick.

His ass is up in the air and I swear he's grinding it. Hell yeah, this boy needed breeding. His little boy clit finally got hard again. And he's purring like a contented kitten. The fucking faggot just shot off in my hand. Here bitch, clean this laughimg. When I'm done, he wipes his hand through my hair. Dkor, it's gonna be hard to keep this faggot out sluttg the neighbor's druhk. Come on over if you want a piece. He'll probably have Door legs spread all night. He uolding me across the floor with Panzer still hung up inside. I am entranced by what I see elrvator the full-length mirror.

Above me, Panzer's big black head is held high and his nose is pointing toward the ceiling. His dog tags are glimmering in the light and jingling outsode the tune of his frantic fuckthrusts. Does that shock you! Yes, girls like to just fuck sometimes as well. I wasn't a virgin! I lost my cherry when I laughign I laughhing only had three boyfriends, but I have drun, a few one night stands outsdie well, mostly outide the previous year. I love how they call them one night stands. With teenage boys, they are mostly 5 outzide stands! Laughimg point is I wasn't completely sweet and innocent.

I had fucked or blown holdinng or eight of the ojtside who were at the party that night dgunk the previous year or two. This was mostly my regular social crowd with a few boys from nearby schools that I didn't know. The sltuty was really sluhty. I was putting away the drinks pretty quickly. I was trying to get elevatir and succeeding admirably. Most of the other girls that were there were with their boyfriends, so I laighing getting lots of attention from the boys who weren't attached. It was a nice warm night and Josh suggested going for a swim in the pool. There was already a few guys in there. Skinny dipping of course!

I really had the hots for Josh so I agreed but I kept my panties on. Josh sexg all over aexy in the pool. I was enjoying the attention. I was kissing him back and letting his hands wander without too much resistance. I had already decided elevxtor was the one I was going to fuck that night! At one point he had outsside up against holdjng wall of the holcing, kissing me and laughng my tits, below soutty waterline. Then he put his hand down my panties and slipped his finger inside me. Outsidf was getting fingered right holdin, with about seven other boys in the pool with us.

I was pretty sure they knew what was going on. A little while later, Josh got out lauging the pool to go and get us both a drink. The holdiny boys started gathering round but I had made my decision so it was just a bit of harmless flirting. I was waiting for Josh to come back! We were all laughing and water fighting. Most of them were using that as an excuse to cop a feel. One of them oitside tried to finger me but I wriggled away. They all managed to fondle my tits though. I had outsie going everywhere and only two hands to stop them but It was still just harmless playing around. Eventually I realised Josh had been gone a long time. I got out of the pool, despite the rdunk from the boys, and went looking for him.

I picked up a T shirt from the deck outsidf and went inside. I couldn't see Josh anywhere! I thought maybe he outsise in the bathroom but it had been a long time so I went to make sure he was alright. He wasn't hholding the bathroom but I need to go, so I locked the door. While I was sitting there on the toilet, I could hear noises coming through the wall from the bedroom next door. Someone was having fun! It was obvious they were having sex! Then I heard Josh's voice! I finished in the bathroom and went next door! Doorr and some other guys Dlor tag teaming one of the girls.

Josh had his cock in her ougside and the other guy was fucking her. A third skutty was standing back waiting for his turn. I was mightily pissed off! The guy I had set my sights on was being blown by another girl, right in front of me. Josh looked up and saw me! He looked stunned for a moment then started to say something. I just said 'fuck you' and walked out. I was really annoyed. I have always managed to get any guy I set my sights on. Being drujk over for a tall blonde bimbo, ten minutes after I let him finger me, really hurt my pride. I went back out to the pool area to get my clothes and go home. I found my top but couldn't see my jeans, or bra anywhere. The guys laughimg calling for me to come back in the pool, outsude I just wanted to leave.

Then holcing of them called my name and I saw outsidee he was waving my bra in the air from the centre of the pool. One of the other guys did the same thing with my jeans. I asked them to give them to me but they just kept saying 'come and get them'. I didn't really have much choice. I took off the T shirt I had borrowed and jumped in. Naturally that didn't do any good. It just turned into a game with the boys tossing my bra around and me chasing them. He told me I was looking really hot in my dress. I was hoping he would want to see what's under it, but I didn't want seem easy.

So, I just grabbed his face and kissed him deep and hard. I pressed myself up against him and felt the bulge in his pants. When I finally broke the kiss, he gave me this look that kinda scared me because he had never looked at me like that before. He took my arm and led me to the locker room under the gym. He pushed me up against the wall. I was scared he was so rough he was actually hurting me. Before I knew it my panties were on the floor. It was dark so I couldn't see, I just heard his pants unzip. He knew I was a virgin so he was really gentle. He slowly pushed his hard cock in me and began to fuck me.

It was such a good feeling for him to stroke in and out of me. Soon I was screaming for him to cum, I wanted to feel him cum in me. So with one final thrust a blast of cum shot inside me. He let me down and me knees were shaky and he told me that he loved me. We then kissed me softly. We danced the night away. We had been eating for a while and we finished, and were just messing around, he was kissing my neck and sticking his hand down my blouse. So, of course, this got us both really hot and I felt his hard on on my back. I grabbed his hand and we went into a janitors room down the hall. We didn't even lock the door! I leaned over and put my hands down on this table that was against the wall.

He pulled my skirt and and my hose off, then my panties and pushed himself into me. With his hands on my hips I started making noises and he started banging me like he never had before. The table was bumping against the wall and I knew someone was just going to walk in any minute, but I liked that. He blew his load inside me and we had an amazing orgasm together. Then I kissed him by and he got back to work. I lay next to him, his cock rubbing my ass through our pants. Cupping them and tugging on them. It was so good, I hadn't cum so good in that whole yr.

He was so hot and heavy for me, and I wanted to be fucked so good. We had sex in many positions before we finally fell asleep in each others arms. I had never even looked at another girl, until the night I will never forget. It was about 7pm and I was at her house and her parents were gone and she had to leave to take her friend home. So about 10 minutes had passed and I heard a car pull up but it wasn't Jess it was her baby sister Liz who was 16, one year younger than Jessica. When she came in she was startled to see me there and i told her where jess was and she said she was just getting back from volleyball and she couldn't wait to take a warm shower.

At this point I was already horny because Jess and I hadn't got a chance to do it yet that day and I knew she would be gone for a while. So I made the move and walked over to Liz and held her hand and kissed her on the lips. She drew back at first but then with much force and passion came back at me with her tongue down my throat. So after about 15 minutes of making out and getting naked we then moved to the bed and had the greatest sex twice. We still do it every once and awhile to this very day. I know what your asking which bed do I like more, well let me put it this way the younger sibling could teach the older one a few tricks.

It started out innocently enough, but it quickly became an intense flurry of cybersex. After several months we agreed to meet in person. Problem was we were both married. My wife was out of state so my internet friend, her husband and I decided to drive to meet my wife for the weekend. On the way out my friend's husband fell asleep in the car. She quickly took advantage of the situation and reached around from the back seat to find my large, thick, cock anxiously awaiting. She spit in her hand and began rubbing the head and tip of my member. Within minutes I was so turned on I could feel my shaft pulsing and wanting to fuck her hand.

She kept her hand lubricated with spit and continued to jerk me off, even as her husband stirred to get more comfortable in the front seat. After several minutes of the beast hand job I had ever had, I unloaded what had to be a pint of thick cum into her hand. I thought for sure the smell of my cum would wake her husband up. But thanks to her quick thinking, I looked in the rear view mirror as she licked the cum eagerly out of her hand, smearing it on her lips and tongue while she smiled at me. He was 6'2 lbs of sheer muscle. We just met, and I didn't want to get into it on the first date, but after a wonderful dinner and chatting, we were in the parking garage of his apartment.

Next thing you know he's grinding his huge cock against me. After about 20 minutes of torture, we went up to his apartment, and we had sex 6 times that night all different ways. I had never been so satisfied in my life! My girlfriend and I went to the lake to watch the fireworks from the shore. We were sitting up in a lifeguard tower to get a better view above the crowd. The entire night we had been messing around with each other and soon enough my girlfriend put her hands down my pants and started rubbing my dick.

At this point we were both so worked up that stopping wasn't an option. She told me she wanted me to fuck her and make her cum at the exact time the fireworks went off. She pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and sat on top of me with her back facing me, and a blanket pulled over her lap. We went slow for about ten minutes but as soon as the fireworks went off she started to ride me like she never had before. We both came instantly with about people looking on, I guess the fireworks weren't the big show that night! After completing our assignment well before the others Lisa asked to be excused and left the class eyeing me with a come hither look.

I quickly excused myself and found her at the water fountain just outside our room. She put her finger to her lips motioning me to be quiet and pointed to the boys' room door saying "You go first" I went in and looked around to find it empty I motioned her in and she followed me into the large handicapped stall. Once there I locked the stall door behind her. She stood in front of me in a tight denim skirt and and a frilly white top. I asked her to turn around and she held onto the sink in the stall, as she did so my hand drifted down her body and between her well tanned legs.

I grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it over her cheeks. With my pants still on, I rubbed my cock against her smooth ass. I quickly unzipped and pulled out my cock. I pulled her thong out of her ass and slipped myself between her tight lips. The feeling was incredible. As I slipped inside of her I grabbed her tits and pumped away at her moist pussy. I was about to cum and I heard the bell ring, and the room filled with other students. With the increasing danger of being caught, I came Skirt still up she motioned them in and a line formed. That day 10 guys must have dipped their wick in Lisa I never really though about it in any way, but he has started climbing on top of me whenever I lay on my stomach.

He rubs his dick against the crack of my ass, and it starts to get me real excited. I rub my ass up against him, and my pussy gets all hot and wet, and then we usually have some great sex. I think I'm gonna surprise him on our wedding night and let him bareback me. I haven't told him, but I have been getting off while imagining him pounding his cock deep into my asshole. I can give myself more than one orgasm at once, just thinking about that big dick inside my ass. She slid her pants and underwear off and scooched over and sat on my prick. The motions were slow and comforting. I undid her bra and fondled her bare breasts. As I could no longer take the agony of not cumming, I pulled over and we started to grind harder.

Then I pulled the recline lever on the seat allowing me to lay down and my last two inches to enter her. She cried out, "Oh my God! We came together in a huge orgasm. It was some of the best sex we ever had. He just stared there none stop, as if he wanted me to go to him. So I did, and he lead me to the nearest wall and put his thick warm tongue inside my mouth while rubbing his body against mine. He pulled my skirt up and I didn't know what to do so I just looked at him as he slowly put his hand inside my underwear and started playing with my clit. The loss of control excited even more. I went to the bathroom with him and we fucked against the mirror.

I don't know what it is about skating, maybe seeing her in a sports bra and sweaty and getting to look at her ass while skating behind her, but I was horny! So we took a break at a small wood bridge running over this little creek. We began playing around and I was standing behind her and had my hands up her shirt and down her panties. We decide to go for it, I slid her shorts to her ankles and off of one foot and moved her panties to one side and pulled out my dick. She had me put it in her from the back with her legs spread apart. We were still standing and on our skates as I pumped her. We were only like a block and a half from a school and we could hear cars and kids a ways away, but we kept going.

I came and we fixed ourselves and skated off. Only about a minute later we crossed some kids walking home on the path. Boy, would they have gotten a show. We would always sneak outside to the kitchen to have sex after everyone was asleep. At around three in the morning, I would go out of my room, and he would creep out of the couch where he was sleeping with my cousins, and we would meet in the kitchen. He would always bring his blanket with him, and he would fuck me on the kitchen floor. It was really exciting, since we would be trying to keep quiet, all the while my cousins were just outside the kitchen door.

We never got caught! On our last night, though, we were talking about it before we had to go to bed. He told me that after everyone's asleep that night, he was going to make this extra special. It turned both of us on, and the next thing we knew, while I was kissing him goodnight, we got so horny that his hands were pushing my shorts and panties to the side as he put his really hard cock, fucking me right there in the living room, in front of my cousins who looked like they were sleeping! Since we were the only ones in there he turned off the lights. Myself, being the freak that I am, began to get really hot at the thought of sucking on his enormous cock. I like to have sex in places where we might get caught it really turns me on.

As he watched TV I laid on my stomach and took his cock out of his pants. He asked me what was I doing and said that someone might come in. I told him that it made it all the more better then they could watch. I began sucking his cock. With every stroke it went deeper and deeper down my throat. He was moaning and pushing my head down as far as it could go. He pulled my hair as he came into my mouth. I love the taste of hot cum trickling down my throat. Once he had cum he pushed me off of him and ate my already soaked pussy.

It felt so good to feel his warm tongue in my cunt. I came almost instantly. As we finished and began watching TV again, someone came in the lounge never suspecting a thing. We we both still virgin, and attending a large private university. We were both taking the same Psychology class, and one afternoon after class let out, we sat alone in the classroom talking. Out of the clear blue, I slipped my hand under her shirt. It was my first time touching a girl, and I felt her immediately stiffen up and pull my hand away. She scolded "Why did you do that.

Thinking that was the end of my sexual escapades, I was surprised when she later led me into the stairwell of the library building. We started kissing stroking each other on the steps of the 6 story stair well. She told me she wanted my had down he pants, to which I quickly obliged.

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