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Vjrgin The high rate of active mobile lines in Colombia makes this country a good place to set telecom mpbile networks operations. Virgin is attempting to halt T-Mobile's momentum. Virgin Mobile takes on T-Mobile Sprint's prepaid arm takes aim at the rival carrier in a new commercial parodying T-Mobile's Carly spokeswoman. The company launched in Virgin Mobile Poland[ edit ] Main article: As both Sprint and T-Mobile have struggled with the so-called postpaid segment--that is, subscribers--they have looked to add prepaid customers.

Virgin Mobile Qatar caused some confusion in the region, with various newspapers referring to the operation as an MVNO. Being a virtual operator, Virgin Mobile does not maintain its own network, and instead has contracts to use the existing network of Play and T-Mobile. The new brand was launched 13 May [19] over the network of Qatar Telecom Qtel. Virgin Mobile UK[ edit ] Main article: The operations were closed down by October after failing to attract a significant number of customers. Being a virtual operator, Virgin Mobile does not maintain its own network and instead has contracts to use the existing network of EE.

Its advertisement points out the "depressing" and sparse look of the trademark all-white T-Mobile commercials, and opens up to a scene at a nightclub--falling perfectly into the demographic that the youth-friendly provider is targeting.

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This story initially gave the wrong price for T-Mobile smartphone plan. The prepaid business, which generally attracts lower-income and credit customers, has been using smartphones to keep growth going. Local calls are charged at QAR 0. The move also comes as the industry figures out just how much growth is left in the prepaid business, with many of the traditional providers such as MetroPCS and Leap Wireless reporting disappointing results in the second quarter.

Initially the claim was rejected by Qtel and Qatar's telecom regulator, ictQatar, the local telecommunications authority reiterating that its only a branding agreement. Launched in France mibile 3 AprilVirgin Mobile was the fifth mobile operator on the French market and the first MVNO by number of subscribers, with over 2 million customers. Virgin Mobile was bought by NTL: Its offering targets mainly younger population, with flexible price plans and bundles. They said the phase out would take them roughy two years.

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