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One of the Vfgteble popular niches within this popular niche is cucumber anal. These supermarket scientists have broken down their analysis of the female booty into four categories: Of course, we are adding our personal little twist to the whole veggie porn thing, we are focusing on anal. We like keeping you on your toes. This is based on a study of 18, women conducted by a British supermarket chain.

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Apparently the trend of categorizing our bodies in terms of food is growing. You can easily download these clips without having to pay extra. If you're sporting a potato, the 'experts' advise you to wear a tulip-style skirt. Tweet Share I can't image why anyone would want to describe their body shape in terms of fruits or vegetables, but people do just that. This is going to be a great experience for you, no doubt.

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Now checking out asses will be no different than shopping for groceries. With no further ado, azs looking at these naughty-by-nature sluts that shove vegetables up their buttholes. I believe he even said he doesn't mind the potato! This is when you have a narrow waist and a rear that's almost twice as wide at the base.

It all started with apples and pears. David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University, "In the 21st century, the effects of plentiful attractive food have taken their toll and spherical derrieres have given way to the tomato and the more unfortunate potato rear. An apple shaped woman has a round middle and less of an ass; whereas the pear shaped woman has a slimmer waistline and round ass.

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