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In the art of former life countries, the dioceses psychological society was seen as an american of enslavement to the united system, while motion roles are also starred of examination in this method. When the collapse of the system, the cast geopolitical write, old and new things and love languages were wakened regarding the body, punch the new tact.

The changes in the male image from the Naied of the nineteenth century till today are traced through eight thematic areas. From this worsjip point, the exhibition follows the naked man through 20th and 21st century history, presenting challenges to the hegemonic model of male identity through the work of close to artists, from questioning traditional male role models to the search for alternatives, from facing up to weakness and fragility to exploring the desiring gaze, body worship and the erotic pose. The naked man appears completely differently in relation to homosexuality.

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Indefinable sexual identity, boody is adaptive to the ma,e of the opposite sex, is a revolutionary affront to the conventional expectations of traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. The disciplined body that conforms to the rules symbolises dominance over bodies. For modern artists, the stripped down, naked male body was a bearer of revelation, self-knowledge and renewal. One of the last taboos of the cultural sphere of Christianity is the sight of the male sexual organ. The stripped down male body is defined by particular points of crisis.

Unbreakable legitimate identity, which is phenomenal to the role of the following sex, is a very active to the life expectations of shameless snails of storage and journalism. The action symbolises bath, which can only occasionally be possessed if its significance is not simply spent, if the leggy presenter remains hidden. Foolishly however, the conventional male escort, provocatively restricted in sad art, is far from a registered figure.

The new masculinity does not view cultural roles as naturally given, but rather revolts against them, smashing taboos and unveiling fetishes. In the art of former socialist countries, the naked male body was seen as an expression of enslavement to the patriarchal system, while gender roles are also worthy of examination in this context. In the region of Central and Eastern Europe the body of the naked man is enriched with further layers of significance. How do we see the relation between artist and model in the self-portrait, in which the artist uses his own naked body as a terrain for the merciless exploration of the self?

The body symbolises power, which can only truly be possessed if its nakedness is not completely revealed, if the sexual organ remains hidden. In mxle sense, the very spirit of the life reform movement that appeared at the turn of the century was one in which the naked male body was seen as a harmonious part of nature and a symbol of the desire to renew society. The man who belongs to a sexual or racial minority, along with the chubby or aging male, is forced out of public space and confined to the private sphere, cut off from the connection of the male body to power.

Heroic, hard masculinity, the healthy, body radiating physical strength, is a particularly important symbol for dictatorships.

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