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Mom And I Go To The Drive-In

I guest my cock into her over and over again. Tommy blew the horn and Laurie touted out alone.

Eva was already getting horny thinking about the old days. She looked closely at Jeff, inm the lust for drife for the first time in their lives. The lustful looks Jeff was drivee to Eva did something to her; she wanted to play along. Te carefully pulled off her tank top and sat there in front of the boys dfive only her bra on. Her chest was heaving in the dim lights of the drive-in and the boys were staring at her, wanting more. Jeff did what he was told and soon the Jeep was encased in the dark windows. Now no one could see in unless they were on top the Jeep. Eva's eyes did not leave Jeff's face as she unclasped her bra from behind. She slowly slid the straps off her shoulders and then pulled her bra away from her body.

Jeff caught his breath as his mother's breasts were exposed. Eva's nipples were hard and full, her aureole's a dark brown. Eva started pulling on her nipples with her fingers, moaning as she felt her breasts in front of the two teenagers. Jeff could see the tips of her nipples poking through her fingers as Eva pulled and rubbed her hard buds. Eva continued rubbing her breasts when Billy asked from the back seat, "Did you used to suck cock at the drive-in?

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She could not take her eyes off her son's face. He was captivated with her breasts and it was turning her on. The Jeep moved a little and then Eva felt something soft and spongy rubbing against her lips. She turned her head towards the back seat and then Billy pushed his cock between Eva's lips. Eva tried Sexy mom at the drive inn stop him but he was already in her mouth and she could taste a trickle of cum from the tip. His hot, throbbing cock hit the back of her throat and Eva gagged. Her mouth felt so full and then Billy pulled his cock meat out of her mouth. Billy wanted to see what Eva would do and he smiled when he saw that Eva kept her mouth open, waiting for Billy's cock to fill it again.

Billy pushed back in and started to fuck Eva's face. Your mom's a great cock sucker," groaned Billy as he filled Eva's hot mouth with his cock. Eva felt a wet tongue slide across her nipples and then she realized that her son was sucking her breasts. Eva moaned over Billy's cock and arched her back, pushing her nipple deep into her son's mouth. Eva worked Billy's cock with her tongue and throat, sucking and pulling on it as he pulled out and pushed it back into her mouth, slowly fucking her face. The softness, the warmth of her mouth felt incredible as Eva worked on Billy's cock. Eva's pussy was starting to juice, from the combination of Billy's cock in her mouth and her son's tongue and mouth as he moved from one breast to the other, sucking and biting at her hard nipples.

Billy's cock started throbbing in Eva's hot mouth and she knew it would not be long before he Sexy mom at the drive inn into her mouth. Gripping his prick firmly between her lips, she fastened them just behind the knob. Eva's tongue wrapped around the mushroom-shaped head, poking at his piss-hole as she sucked. Billy grabbed the sides of Eva's head and pushed in deep one more time as he came. Spurt after spurt of Billy's cum shot into her mouth as Eva gobbled it up and sucked even harder on his exploding cock. Your mom is taking my load," moaned Billy. He shot stream after stream into Eva's mouth and down her throat.

Eva took it all and swallowed everything Billy's cock could pump into her mouth. Billy pulled out and fell back onto the back seat, breathing hard and trying to catch his breath. His cock was covered with cum and spit and glistened in the low light from the movie screen. Eva pulled Jeff away from her tits and kissed him hard on the mouth. Jeff could taste Billy's spunk on his mother's tongue and it did not gross him out as he thought it would. They kissed like lovers, or soon-to-be lovers, not like mother and son. Eva broke the kiss and whispered to her son, "I want to taste your cock, Jeff.

Fuck my face, honey. He said to Billy, "Help me swing mom around in the seat, Billy. Jeff quickly removed his shorts. His cock was already hard and pre-cum dribbled from the tip. Eva gasped at the sight of her son's huge cock. It was not too long, maybe six inches or so, but it was thick; incredibly thick. It looked almost like a bottle of soda, and the head of his cock mushroomed over the thick stalk. Eva did not know if she could take that monster in her mouth but she was willing to try. Jeff could not believe how this night was turning out. His beautiful mother was lying back, taking his huge bone into her hot, wet mouth.

Jeff noticed that Billy was busy in the back seat as he lifted Eva's ass off the seat and pulled her panties off. He threw them to the side and was inspecting her exposed pussy. Your mom shaves her cunt. It's smooth and fucking dripping wet. Jeff watched as his mom tried to take his cock and he gently pushed it in deeper. He knew that she would have problems taking it all; the other girls that tried gave up after an inch or so. Sometimes Jeff felt like a freak with his huge cock but he was shocked as his mom took more and more of the monster into her mouth. Her mouth looked like it was painfully stretched wide and Jeff could see tears running from Eva's blue eyes.

Jeff stopped and carefully pulled his cock free from his mom's mouth. She gasped for air and looked up at her son. Jeff could not believe his mother wanted more and when he looked into her eyes she winked and grabbed onto his bare ass, pulling him deeper into the warm, wet cavern. That was when it happened; his balls were resting against his mother's chin. She had somehow taken his huge cock into her mouth and throat and it felt amazing. Billy spread Eva's pussy lips apart with his fingers and then stuck his tongue into the wet, pink flesh.

Eva jumped as Billy started eating her out. Billy slid his hands under her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks as he tongue-fucked her. Her hips gyrated as she started rubbing her streaming pussy into Billy's mouth. Billy was sucking and licking Eva's clit when she suddenly climaxed. Waves of pleasure rolled through her spasming body. She came hard against Billy's face and he sucked up her pussy juice. Eva screamed around Jeff's cock as the pleasure flowed through her body. Billy's tongue swirled around the sensitive pussy lips and he nibbled on her erect clit.

He then spread her ass cheeks apart and licked his way down to Eva's asshole.

Eva groaned over Jeff's cock as Billy gently licked at her asshole. Eva tapped Jeff's leg and he pulled out of her mouth. Eva Sezy to catch ,om breath. Stick your tongue in my ass. Eva sucked him harder as he fucked her mouth more fiercely, pushing his thick cock down her throat. Jeff could feel he was about to come and after one more thrust he emptied his balls mo Eva's mouth. Sexyy gagged as she tried to swallow Driive load as he pulled his still-erupting cock from her mouth. Jeff painted Eva's lips and tongue with his warm jizz until his cock finally stopped shooting. I knew now that she inh about my stiff cock, and was even playing aat it.

In front of my cousin no less. I had a little more courage now, drvie I slid my hand through her arm and her torso and gently rested it midway yhe her thigh. Daringly, I rubbed my hand up and down the top nom her thigh a few times slowly, matching her rhythm. She spread her legs a little to allow my hand further up. I ran my hand up and down her inner thigh and soon found the warm crotch of my mom. I finally had enough courage to look at her. She was still staring forward at the movie, but every few seconds she stole a glace at me, and then my cousin out of the corner of her eye. Even though I was rubbing her pussy through her jeans, I still wanted to feel the softness of her breasts.

Cautiously, I slid my hand up her shirt and felt the warm skin of her stomach on the back of my hand, as I cupped the bottom of her tit with my fingers. Her hand, in return, grasped my cock harder making it throb. She clenched her hand and released several times, making it seem to pulsate on my stiff rod. Out of the corner of my eye I looked at my cousin. He was still leaning back on his elbows, not noticing a thing mom and I were doing. I massaged mom's tit as frequently as I could without alarming my cousin. I glanced at mom again. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, I could tell she liked the way I touched her. I felt like I was going to burst in my jeans. Mom must have sensed this because she stopped touching me for a moment.

I looked over at her and her eyes were still shut and her mouth was still agape. Mom let out a small moan and her head fell into my lap. I watched as one of her legs swung over my cousin's head. He stood up slightly and his pants fell to the floor. I caught a glimpse of his hard cock in the dull light from the movie screen. Mom reached above her head and grabbed both of my arms. She guided my hands to her tits and I took the cue.

I pulled her shirt over her head revealing the bare melon sized tits underneath. I started massaging both of her breasts, squeezing them together and releasing them. Over imn over I did this as I watched my ddrive unbutton her mok jeans and peel them down her legs. She was wearing a see-through pair of red panties. Quickly, my cousin peeled them off too and tossed both her jeans and panties onto the floorboard of the van. My mouth watered at the sight of her smooth mound, glimmering in the light from the movie screen. My eyes widened as my cousin bent down, burying his head into her soft cunt. Small moans emitted from mom as my cousin worked her pussy with his tongue.

I watched as her hips began to gyrate up and down on my cousin's face.

Our car was really by itself. Eva could tell by his death that he was asleep about something. She was normal a see-through pair of red deer.

His head bobbed up and down. I watched her chest heave up and down making her breasts appear larger. Her voice was sweet and low. Sexy mom at the drive inn could tell she was really going to get off. My mind was torn, I was so turned on from mom and this was crive chance to fuck her brains out, but at the same time I was jealous of my cousin getting the tbe treat I did. Of course, my dick Sexyy the thinking for me. Instantly, my cousin was on top of Mom guiding his hard cock into her wet pussy. I felt mom press into me as my cousin thrust his cock into her. Over and over again, I felt mom pushing into me as my cousin rhythmically fucked her pussy.

Her tits shook in my hands from the force of my cousin's pelvis. Mom zt her hands inj my hair as my cousin continued his assault on her pussy. I bent drlve, and for the first time, I kissed her passionately on the lips. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, as mine probed her mouth. Soon mom was moaning louder and louder into my mouth as her body started to quiver. She stopped running her hands through my hair and held her thighs back instead, allowing my cousin to slide his cock deeper into her wet cunt. I straightened up, wanting to watch mom's tits bounce in my hands.

After a few minutes mom pushed my cousin back and rolled over onto her hands and knees. With relative ease, she brought a foot to my face and gently brushed her pointed toes across my cheek. I was amazing by her limberness. All I could do was smile as she brought her leg back down on my lap. My eyes went staight to the bulging cleavage spilling out the neck of her halter-top. She glaced down at it too, then looked back at me with a smile. Mom used her arms to press her breats together, causing the enormous cans to ballon outward, stretching against her sexy top. Mom smiled at me, looking into my eyes. That's between him and his date. Break your trust and she may not be willing to drive-in date you again, understand?

Mom and I got in the back and closed the doors. It was dark back here. Even if someone were right outside the vehicle they probably could see inside. Our car was completely by itself. My mom and I were now in the back seat, mother and son in our own little cozy world, and we were all alone. I couldn't believe my eyes as mom slipped out of her skirt. I did so and sat there in my underwear. It was dark, so I knew mom couldn't make out much of my bulging cock, straining within my briefs. I did so, sliding my ass to the edge of the seat. Mom scooted up next to me and gently forced me to lay back. I was now slouched down in the back seat and watched as my mother straddled me.

It was an amazing sight! My own gorgeous mother mounting me as if I were a pony, her breasts swaying under her top. She threw the blanket over the top of us and looked down into my eyes.

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