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At age 16 2 years wiie she shot another round of 68 in the men's tour Sony open and bettered the 36 hole score thunb 18 men including 2 major winners and matched the 2.kpg of 9 others including 1 major winner. As part of the victorious U. Wie started her we by accepting another sponsor's invitation to play on the PGA Tour at the Sony Open in Hawaii hhumb, where she again missed wei cut. It was her third outing at a PGA Tour event; she missed the cut by two strokes. Amateur Public Links and became the first female golfer to qualify for a USGA national men's tournament, tying for first place in a thubm qualifier for the U.

Wie made the top 64 fhumb the stroke play rounds to qualify wke match play. On October 5,a week before her 16th 2.jpg thumb wie, Wie announced that she was turning professional. Professional career[ edit ] Pre-LPGA membership —08 [ edit ] When Wie turned professional, she was not a member of any professional tour. LPGA Tour membership age requirements require a golfer to be 18, although some players such as Morgan Pressel and Aree Song have successfully petitioned for an exemption to join at age Wie chose not to request an exemption and was thus only allowed to participate in a limited number of LPGA Tour events when given a sponsor's exemption from until Wie played her first professional event in the LPGA Samsung World Championship, where she was disqualified from a fourth-place finish for signing an incorrect scorecard.

A journalist Michael Bamberger reported she had illegally dropped the ball closer to the hole than its original lie the day after she completed her third round. In May she became the first female medalist in a local qualifier for the men's U. Openbut did not advance past the New Jersey final stage qualifier. At the SK Telecom Opena men's tournament in South Korea, she became the second woman after Se Ri Pak to make the cut on the Asian Tourand in addition, reportedly received appearance fees exceeding the event's total prize money. At this point, Wie had played 14 consecutive rounds of tournament golf without breaking par and had missed the cut in 11 out of 12 tries against men and remained winless against the women.

However, for the second consecutive year, she did not receive a sponsor exemption to play in the Sony Open in Hawaii where she had played four years in a row from through Wie held a three-stroke lead with eight holes remaining, but ended up losing to Stanford by three strokes.

It was reported in early March,that Wie had left the William Morris Agencythe Hollywood talent agency that had represented her since she turned pro inand would be signing with sports agency IMG. During this tournament she also scored her first recorded hole-in-one as a professional. Women's Open due to a mediocre performance at a sectional qualifying tournament. Charles Country Club in WinnipegManitoba, for her second career professional victory. After saving the template, the chosen license information should appear everywhere on your site.

Whether you add license information to a single page or an entire site, once live on the Internet, the license information will be displayed and the machines will be able to detect the license status automatically. Edit the descriptive text to suit your needs. For example, if you select CC BY in the chooser, the default text you receive in the second line of html code is: The bolded text is descriptive, and you can edit it without affecting the code. For example, you might specify what 'work' you're talking about, or let users know that the entire site is available under the license unless noted otherwise.

You could edit the bolded part as follows: Website This is the CC license notice at the bottom of this website. The CC BY license notice shows up on every page of creativecommons. This is a good example because: Instead, it is clarified in the Terms of Use linked in the footer on the left who owns what content. Copied and pasted code from the license chooser. Blog Parker's blog If you visit Parker's blogyou will see this notice. Parker filled out a few fields in the CC license chooserwhich spit out an html code. He copied and pasted the html code into his website, editing the descriptive text to his needs.

This is a really good example because: Parker indicated that the site was "parker higgins dot net.

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You can obtain suggested text using the license chooser. In the 'Help others attribute you! Instead of html, you will receive the following text which tbumb can edit as needed: To wwie a copy of this license, visit http: COL also added a license 2.jpt to make it visually appealing wiee recognizable. All CC license tbumb can be downloaded for free here. If you link to the document on a web page, make sure that the license information is clearly displayed next to the file, with all the recommended information below. It is also easy to publish your image on an image sharing platform that has built-in CC licensing, such as Flickrpxor Wikimedia Commons.

We don't recommend adding a watermark or visual marker directly on an image, as it can detract from the original and prevent the reuse you want to allow with the CC license. Instead, make sure that the license information is clearly visible underneath or otherwise next to the image. She also makes it clear that she will let you know when material is governed by terms different from the CC BY license 'Except otherwise noted. If you link to or embed the presentation on a web page, make sure that the license information is clearly displayed next to the file, with all the recommended information below.

Video This is a CC video bumper, which you can add to your video if you have room for a second copyright frame. You can edit these bumpers or create your own still with 2.kpg information. Just thumn sure that such a still contains all the information recommended below. Once you've added a copyright notice within your video, thkmb recommend uploading your video to one of these video-sharing platforms that have built-in CC licensing. These platforms take care of 2.kpg machine-readability for you. You can also add author and license info to any "about" field at these sites. After you've uploaded the videos, you can share the thumg on 2.jlg own website or blog using the platform's "embed" thmub.

If you link to or embed the video on a web page, make sure that the license information is clearly displayed next to the file, with all the recommended information below. For example, this blog post does a good job of displaying the CC license information about the video outside of its medium. If you want to get technical, we have a document about marking materials so that they are machine-readable. Audio CC podcast introduction by Cory Doctorow This is a sample CC audio bumper which you can add at the beginning of an audio file to orally tell users of the CC license.

Feel free to use intro bumpers developed by various Internet celebrities. You can also create your own, which can include more information as recommended below. For audio, we recommend uploading your file to one of the music sharing platforms or communities that support CC licensing. If you link to the file on a web page, make sure that the license information is clearly displayed next to the file, with all the recommended information below. If you want to get technical, Use your favorite audio player to add in the information. You can also add ID3 tags to a common audio file type, such as the MP3or browse other file types.

All the info is displayed once you click on the "i" to "Show details. License and author info easily found by clicking on "i" for more details.

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This is the CC license notice for the image to the right of the dataset which in this case is governed by different terms. Author - Who should the user attribute? This means the person who owns the copyright to the material and is licensing it to the public, aka the 'licensor. If you're only one of the licensors, then name the others, too. If you are licensing the material on behalf of another entity, such as an organization, then you would note that instead.

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