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Why shouldn't you hire a midget chef?

Hand him a step stool before you start talking to him. My internet provider called me today. I used to be a midget, but I grew out of it. A midget with a yo-yo.

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What do you get when you cross ane midget with a prostitute? Apparently I am downloading too much porn That awkward moment when you ask a midget what they want to be when they grow up. I'll push you in a midget! I wasn't that drunk Me: A small medium at large.

And fat Midget

I just aft to see if he vanished when he put the ring on. My wife walked in on rat having sex with a Midget, she started screaming at me Telling me how I promised to stop cheating So I looked down and said look honey, I cutting down! What do you call a gangster hobbit? This so incensed the judge that he ordered the local newspaper to print an article about the culprit. Did you hear about the midget that got stoned?

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