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Femdom Marriage

Both [Bus] and Ffmdom faint that they have had an investment to date the information of legal counsel and that they are adding into this Studio voluntarily and of her own needs will. Well though I was asleep up, it was as if I was only this funny through Most. Elizabeth inherent to Robert and successful, "It's you and me, then.

After being locked up for a couple of days, Julie Fdmdom see how horny I would become. I also enjoy being teased by Femrom. She is great at doing a strip Femdlm and wiggling her sexy ass in front of eFmdom, which drives me absolutely wild! Many times, she would keep me locked up for several days, which would cause me to go crazy magige lust. Julie did, an a couple of occasions, offer to end the fantasy, but I always begged her Femom continue, as I love Femddom at her mercy sexually. After about six months of chastity play, my wife started meeting other women who had chastity belted husbands of their own.

Julie was amazed at how many man like chastity control! She enjoyed hearing how the other women keep their husbands in line sexually, and how much pleasure the couples would receive and freedom for the wives when the husbands are kept chaste. Without going into detail, there were reportedly some very kinky things going on! Julie gave me one last time to call it off, but I begged her to be my Mistress and to never stop the fantasy. I also reminded her that there was no way I could ever cheat on her being lock up! I shivered with excitement as she locked me up. After I removed my clothes, she snapped it on over my chastity belt. The snap-on dildo endowed me with a very impressive artificial hard-on.

Once she undressed, Julie told me to make love to her. After I climbed on top of her, Julie moaned as I lowered my artificial cock into her hot slit. It was just like real lovemaking, except my real penis was safely locked away in the bent tube. I had no trouble bring my kinky wife to orgasm. I made love to her several more times with my artificial penis. It would drive me wild making love to Julie while my own penis remaining chaste.

Marige Femdom

I cannot begin to describe the kinky tension having to screw my beautiful wife with a fake cock. Julie, in turn, said it felt better inside her than my real cock! After 2 weeks of celibacy, Julie had me strip and sit in a chair. My hands and feet were restrained, then she unlocked me. My penis went to an immediate erection. I tried to reach and touch myself but the writ restraints prevented it. She teased me by gently pulling on my nipples and then running her tongue around them. She then got on her knees and wiggled her breasts above my crotch but was careful not to touch my penis.

Julie seemed to take real pleasure in teasing me out of my mind! She then sucked on my toes and ran her tongue up my thigh. When she was done, she asked me if I liked having her as my Mistress for life. I want you, I want you bad! She giggled as she reminded me again that my penis belonged to her forever while she stroked me faster. In no time, I squirted my load for her. With her other hand, she caught my ejaculate in her palm. After 2 weeks without cumming, my orgasm was very intense. The release was incredible! Once my penis was locked up again, she unlocked my arm and leg restraints. After that first experience, my wife had me in a routine.

I would wear the strap-on penis for lovemaking 3 or 4 times a week, and in return, she would strap me in restraints once every 2 weeks so she could tease and masturbate me. Even though I whined and begged to be let out more often, Julie was very strict on letting me cum once every 2 weeks if I was good. I once went a month without cumming because I did not please her properly! She always likes to remind me that my penis is just too small for her pussy! She also likes to wear something revealing and tell me that my little penis is not allowed inside her, and then watch with glee as my penis tries to throb inside the snug bent tube! If a separation or divorce should occur, [slave] shall remain completely bound, in every way, by the terms of this and all other agreements made between [Owner] and [slave].

Attempt to contest any such action taken by [Owner]; Seek alimony, property division or property ownership; Or to seek personal freedoms of any kind for himself. Any and all forms of future income or future property acquired by [slave] shall immediately be turned over to [Owner] and shall belong exclusively to Her. Specifically, [Owner] shall retain the right to direct [slave] in all aspects of his life, at Her discretion, and [slave] shall not enter into a relationship with another person without first obtaining explicit permission from [Owner] to do so. This may be done by [Owner] in the form of either a temporary or a permanent assignment of Her rights. Should [Owner] become deceased before transferring Her rights over [slave] to a designated person, [slave] shall not enter into a close or intimate relationship with another person for the rest of his life and he shall continue to, at all times, conduct himself according to the commands, wishes and rules that [Owner] had previously specified for him to obey.

In consideration for this Agreement, [Owner] has already paid [slave] the sum of one dollar upon the signing of the original Pre-Marital Agreement on [date] and that this consideration applies to this Agreement as well. This Agreement shall be enforced with the laws of the State of [state].

Elizabeth and I are sitting at the dining room table while Robert serves Elizabeth coffee. She had a crush on a friend of Robert's and she blew Robert off when he tried to talk to her at a party. Robert's friend would wind up blowing Elizabeth off after the party, leaving Elizabeth and Robert standing together on a sidewalk outside a coffee shop. Elizabeth turned to Robert and said, "It's you and me, then. Young, straight, and in love, Robert and Elizabeth did everything right: They finished college before they got married; they got their first real jobs before they had their first child. And then he went away on a weeklong hike and came back and said, 'I hate my life.

And I was like, 'There's no way I'm using a dildo on you. And that's when he brought up chastity. Jim knew he had to pay close attention to what she just said. You are on your knees massaging my feet!

I Femddom the one who decides how Femdlm spend our money. I have the control of almost everything in your life. At the end, if you do accept this situation, nothing will change in your life. However, he wanted to keep the illusion of still having a bit of freedom and he knew what a domination contract would mean. That means I still have some liberties and If I were your slave, we could not have this discussion. She leaned back on the sofa to emphasize her superiority and stretched her foot so she could continue to enjoy her massage. She knew Jim very well.

As she said the best, I could occur a jersey rescuer. Once my ass was founded up again, she got my arm and leg intimates. Elizabeth and I are offering at the dining club penguin while John serves Colleen wealthy.

She loved his submissive side, but also his ability to resist. This temperament only accentuated her Fwmdom to dominate, the challenge motivated her desire to annihilate his last misgivings, and the game could begin. I know what you really like, your desires betrays you and I know you dream about it each night and imagine some stories when you feel alone. When we begin to enjoy the princess life, we want to take full advantage.

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