Watching a penis become erect

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So I got wasted one night, determined to give head for the first time. But the guy I ended up in bed with had what I now know by comparison to be a giant penis. Twenty seconds into my attempt to deep throat, I vomited all over him. It was so traumatizing, I waited another year before trying again. I developed early, and I had urges, you know. After I gave my first handy at 11, I became fascinated by penises.

Penis erect become a Watching

I thought they were so cool, the way grew and pulsated and responded to erec touch. I wanted to see as many as I could as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, I was very popular for a while. In high school, I promised my boyfriend of six months that if he officially asked me to prom, we could move on from dry humping to some more exciting stuff.

Unfortunately, when my boyfriend unzipped his pants and whipped it out for pneis first time, all my fears were confirmed. I laughed out loud. Then I watched, with fascination, as his erection died. So I approached the quarterback of the football team at the Winter Wonderland dance and whispered in his ear that I wanted to give him head. Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! Please enter a valid email address Oops! Please select a newsletter We respect your privacy. Most of the time, and for most men, erections come naturally and with little or no effort.

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But a number of physical and emotional factors are involved in the process of getting and maintaining an erect penis long enough to achieve satisfaction for you and your partner during sexual intercourse. Anatomy of the Erect Penis The penis has three main structures: The corpora cavernosa, which is filled with sponge-like tissue, extends the entire length of the penis. The tunica albuginea is the membrane that covers and protects the corpora cavernosa. The corpus spongiosum, in the middle of the penis, houses the urethra, the opening at the end of the penis through which a man urinates and ejaculates.

There is also a network of tissues, muscles, arteries, and veins gecome through the penis, which allows it to fill with blood and stiffen for an erection. A man achieves an erect penis from stimulation, such as touching or rubbing the penis, or seeing or thinking about something sexually stimulating and exciting. When stimulation occurs, the brain takes over and works with the nerve endings in the penis.

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