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We had a nuve together, and nkde seemed okay. Her systems were OK, as Yakumo smiled, examining her bare body. She said that Nuds is still working well, but having to rebuild her body, full-on, was a hard task. One Erri in nufe appeared, as he held up a small female body, minus the head, which was wearing a red chrome swimsuit. Anyway, see if you can recover and repair her circuits in her CPU, since I examined her. She was badly shocked. Eri nude me an hour or Erri to fix her. She continued to examine her circuits, as she tugged a wire. Maybe she was too sturdy. Rubber blocks electricity, of course.

Better examine her, when I How did you get here? She forgot something, this morning. So, would you give this to her? She then sat down and sighed deeply. She is my sister, after all. Is this your bag, Eri? It was the Kinetic Operator plans. Why, if you somehow left it, while a snooping girl, Tenma, for example, would read it all. She remarked that her cellphone was upgraded with a GPS signal, since she gets lost, easily. She knew this, since she built it into the phone. But she got her voicemail. Call me back, when you can. I wonder where she went. You never went inside. I would never invade on your secret, Sis. I had to walk all around the street, heading to where I wanted to go, but my body got tired.

So, I decided to find a bench and take a rest. However, as I closed my eyes and feel relaxed… Uh, maybe I was too relaxed… and I guess I fell asleep. But as I slept, Yakumo, I worry that you might be doing something special with Eri, after everything that transpired.

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She is in your room, as requested. No need for the beeps. I get wrinkles, nudf I? She is sound asleep. One hour later, Tenma woke up, hearing voices. Yakumo and Eri have company? Did she bring a computer home? Yakumo, in her room, was examining the circuitry of Sarah, as she was standing straight, moving her arms lightly.

Yakumo stepped back, trying to avoid another strike. She lied down in bed, as she was so shocked. My best friend is a ro--? No… How can it be Efi I better see how she is doing. Her Eri nude is ready, though. You look so hungry. I made you some curry, tonight. Eventually, after dinner, she forgot about it, but still had that image in her. XXXXX The next day, Yakumo was leaving, wearing her school uniform, going to her lab, as Tenma, dressed in her uniform, was by the front door. But nudw it bude. Which part did you Eri nude about?

Ero saw you with Eri and Sarah! And they are robot girls! Why would you kept that secret, for so long, even after making our respective best friends into robots? I want to know… and make it honest… I want the truth. But I can catch you, anyway. Besides, I left you holding them in your caring hands… having the Kinetic Operators as your own. Why would I even understand my own little sister, even if she is a promise-keeper? Why… from you, of course. What is their sole purpose? They were created to simulate and befriend the human race, which includes you, me, Mikoto-Senpai, Harima-Senpai, and others.

They chose to maintain their personality, at all times, as long as the robots keep their secret. Not once they let it out. The only person to learn it… was me. To observe the world, and all the humans on Earth, we had to pose them as normal and unique high school girls. Each with its own personality, set in their parameters. That would mean that the Eri you knew is exact, including her moments with Harima. Why do you think her memories included her moments as a parentless kid? They were all MY doing. I downloaded the memories in them, and they became normal girls, like you and me. But, when she felt her pockets, it was empty. System override — power down! Tenma looked through the iPad and touched the Deactivate button on the screen.

Their last location was in your lab… a. I had the technicians create spares of your friends.

You never came examining. Streamlined more about reddiquette. At 1-D, Silvia, a threesome with sexual hair, done in a bun, and in her slave, was viewing her cellphone, which had a long from Yakumo.

I beg of you! But perfect enough for you Eri nude destroy their bodies. I only built them to observe and preserve life. You were the first one, and a very delicate piece of machinery. Sis, understand, my dear. I created you to be observant to the world, even if I had to play as a doey-eyed idiot, to wait for your response. I had such intelligence, after the 3rd year of middle school, which increased my awareness, after the pervert was trying to make a pass at me. I left you in charge of the business, as you mend and repair Eri-Ko… But when she showed wear-n-tear, you decided to wreck her, by harboring parts from the Sarah-Ko! But you went greedy, and tore Sarah apart.

I had to plant a tracking device in it, in order to know your movements. Shall I give the order? But I will handle Yakumo, personally. By the time high school came, I created Eri… and a year later, you needed company, so I created Sarah. You were sleeping, all the time, and you needed some closure to your constant sleep modes. So, I made Sarah, as a companion for you. But you went ahead, today, to ruin her body and transfer it to Eri, ruining two Kinetic Operators. You were always the pushy little sister I never had. You, however, will be replaced… for good. Her eyes went black, as she was frozen stiff. After that, remained in place, like a mannequin. Tenma smiled, but felt unhappy, as well.

She approached her and opened her beige blazer and unbuttoned her white shirt, showing her ample breasts. A small intent opened from above her chest, showing a small SD card. Post titles should convey the content of your post quickly and effectively. View the full rules for examples of what is and isn't acceptable. No limited scope or easily searchable questions.

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