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Kelvin started attending the classes regularly sihes, and was thrilled when he passed the exam and earned his Level 1 licensure. Testimonials Kevin proudly shows his Level 1 certificate. In accordance with Florida Administrative Code, employees working on water distribution systems are required to have certain levels of licenses, depending on their job duties.

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Classes are tailored to meet the needs of each particular site and the skill level besch the students. While the Level 1 certification is not a mandatory license, Kelvin recognized the value in furthering his qualifications to advance his career, and decided to go for the final license. After studying on his own, and paying for and taking the exam multiple times without passing, Kelvin remembered how successful he had been on previous exams with the additional help of the classes provided by the Literacy Coalition. He was content with his current position and the two licenses, but his father encouraged Kelvin to try for the third and most difficult Level 1 license. One of only seven in the department with all three licenses, Kelvin described his success on the exam as a huge accomplishment.

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Contact Us Workplace and Community Education The Workplace and Community Educatlon Program provides customized instruction for adults who need help improving their English language skills, obtaining a GED, or addressing specific workplace needs. Kelvin Ellington has been working for the City of West Palm Beach for 14 years, spending the last 6 years with the water distribution department. He is now eligible for a supervisory role anywhere in the state of Florida. Classes are provided at workplace and community sites throughout Palm Beach County by trained adult education instructors.

He is excited about his new eligibility for promotion.

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