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Having said the above, I cannot play the hypocrite. We are from the same district, so he knows everything about me. I cried so much when I saw his big penis.

However, if he is so badly, you would have desired some vip. I told her not to let my work profession, but she told him anyway.

I am sure that after your boyfriend sees the doctor, the doctor would advise him what to do. That man loved her very much, but the relationship had to end. But, according to what you have said, it was excessive. I planned to have sex with him, and he told me when he will be alone at home. He hugged me and told me everything was going to be alright, but it wasn't alright. You say he has a massive penis.

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I would think that you need to follow that advice of bladk doctor. I shall never forget that one of the women I counselled was advised not to have sex with her boyfriend because he carried a very large penis and she was always in pain whenever they had sex. When I went home, my mother knew something was wrong.

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