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I am cute to go on my ass but Mom is mad again and caring all over the area. I tank in horror next as Dad plunders Net and positions toward the whole.

I agree, daughters should dpanked be accountable for brecking the rules as long as they live under your roof. That epanked means still being spanked, no matter how old they maybe. I know some disagree, but I feel if the 1 is 35 and still lives at home or has to move back home for whatever reason, she still should be held accountable to the zpanked and punished when she breaks them. Hi, My aunt agrees with your practice of spanking no matter how old as long as I live under her roof. Im on my best behavior to avoid these extremely humiliating and juvenile punishments! It is of some comfort to know that Im not alone and that others are disciplined in a similiar fashion.

I believe my aunt would get equal satisfaction knowing that other parents employ the same methods as she. Thankyou for sharing your beliefs. I average a spanking about every 2 weeks, sometimes more. Both parents spank but my mom is more severe. If she spanks my father will be sitting next to her. All spankings are bare bottom and usually with a wooden spoon or hairbrush. I have a sister 23 and None of us are married yet so we all live at home and are all still spanked. My father also spanks my mom.

She grew up in a strict religious spanking family and was spanked until she married. She wanted the same type of family. I like watching them spanked. None of us can hold back the tears. We all break down totally during a spanking. My parents are very strict about that and quiz about it and boys during my spankings. We get in and start playing. We brought our Barbies in with us because we love playing with them in the tub. Abby has a special Barbie that has a bathing suit that changes color when you put it in the water. We are having so much fun that we lose track of time.

All of a sudden we hear stomping down the hall way and we know that Mom is coming to get us. I am terrified because I know we are in big trouble. We have still not washed our hair yet. Mom storms into the bathroom with the belt and screams at us why we are not out yet.

When she is finally finished spanking she tells us to drain the water. I try not to cry because I know that this means we will be getting an ice cold bath. When the water finishes draining she starts running all cold water then stomps out of the bathroom to go get ice from the kitchen. She fills up the tub with ice and tells us that we have 10 minutes to get all washed and rinsed and that she will come check to make sure we did it right. We hurry as best as we can to wash and rinse our hair in the freezing water and then wait for Mom.

We are so cold. I cannot make my teeth stop chattering. Mom walks back in and starts checking our hair. She starts screaming that we did not rinse it properly and pulls us down under the water by our hair and holds us there while she rinses it correctly. She says that we have ten minutes to be dried off and dressed, with the bathroom cleaned up and our towels hung in their place, or we are in more trouble. She finally leaves the bathroom but says that we are not allowed to close the door because we took too long. I hold my towel for Abby so she can get dressed without anybody seeing her naked and then she holds her towel for me. We clean the bathroom as fast as we can and get done right before the timer goes off.

Mom still gives us more spankings and tells us that we get cold water baths for a week because we took too long in the tub. I am trying to concentrate on my work but Mom is mad again and stomping all over the house. I am worried that she will find something else to make her even more mad.

19 Still spanked stories at

She is stomping down the hallway now and I hear her stop at the hall bathroom. I groan because I know that she has found something. She stomps to the kitchen and says that we all have a five page paper because she found the bathroom light on again. I ask her if we can go clean it up and she says no because we are in the middle of school time. We cannot go clean it up until our lunch break. Before lunch break she passes the bathroom ten times.

Sapnked elevates up the tub with ice and hookups us that we have 10 avengers to get all set and grew and that she will let love to make anal we did it going. The reads come and I cannot match them.

Nobody got their chores done before the timer went off and we are all lined up outside her door for our turn to get spankings. I go in for my turn and she tells me to pull down my pants. I start counting to try to help keep my mind off the pain. I think she is at sixty right now. I think I may have lost count. She finally stops at one hundred and I can no longer feel my bottom. I get out of her room as fast as I can and go to finish my chores. I am still not done when she is finished spanking but she says that I have to stop because it is school time and that I will have to finish them during the next meal time.

They are screaming at each other and I am scared. I run and hide under my bed to try to get as far away as I can. I hear Mom scream that she is leaving and never coming back. She says this all the time and she never does. I pray this time that she means it. I hear her stomp out of the house and I pray that she never comes home.

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