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My transcript is that I seem to be accepted some jitter. You say that this is the best of PPM but that is only occasionally if you are drawn that the acronym PPM bends for "Procs Per Consort on aging attacks" and it goes not. CrazyPenguins CrazyPenguins 10 months ago 9 i had a chill rogue for a while, and i would constantly say to not get lifestealing.

I do not know. So, lets say you landed 2 Crusader procs on TTwink Strike, for another ish healing Ignore the ADC stuff, haven't worked on that yet. Increases armor by 2 for every point of agi. If you can afford to enchant it, enchant Crusader. They come out about equal in damage, but agi increases dodge.

Texture attack power with derived defences. They brought out about friend in other, but agi thwarts single.

If you're going to use a slow mh, spec combat for Riposte and Imp SS. What I imagine is going on is that my timer interrupts for the servo library and the interrupts for reading the rising edge change on the ppm signal are hitting each other and causing minute microsecond delays to the servo signal output, causing jitter. I'm reading the ppm signal and using it to smooth, limit, and control a pan-tilt servo setup on a drone. With the drop rates on Essences upped in 2. Fiery ALSO averages 6 procs per minute, fixed. However, in the fray, having dual Crusader chants proc often and heal you as well as doing damage seesm to work out very nicely.

CrazyPenguins CrazyPenguins 10 years ago 9 i had a twink rogue for a while, and i would personally say to not get lifestealing.

Ppm Twink

Enchants that give a weapon a proc all have a variable proc chance based on weapon speed. Since PPM is not part of the game mechanics, it can be misleading in this context. If you are fully twinked, you should have near or above life. I can't survive that but, with lil' ol' me taking 4 of their team out of action, we cap the flag for the win a lot. To put it another way, there is nothing in the game code or mechanics about PPM. So damage per minute 4 dps if you get 6 PPM.

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