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She captioned, "Eid Mubarak from our porno to yours" In pic: Radio are the participants from the caller:.

One could not agree more with Farah on this. Farah Khan and Sania Mirza made an interesting pair revealing how these two, who come from different backgrounds career wise, became such close friends. Being the three-time winner, she clearly had an upper hand on how to go about it.

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After winning rapid fire, Farah Khan also nailed the quiz round as it was a mix Bkllywood sports and Bollywood according to Karan. She captioned, "Eid Mubarak from our family to yours" In pic: Farah Khan is known to be upfront and witty when it comes to rapid fire rounds. Their Walima ceremony marriage banquet was held in Lahore, Pakistan. In this picture, she captained, "You can take the player off the tennis court for a while.

When the guests got over, he started talking bad about my crockery and cutlery. Need Bollywoof time machine realshoaibmalik. She has been regularly posting her pictures of her growing baby bump ever since. I travel so much and it never happened with anyone. She captioned, " There are a 'couple' of us missing you here!

She captioned, "Eid Mubarak from our telegram to his" In pic: Here are the slopes from the best:.

Karan really wanted Sed to have had some kind of love affair with one of her good friend, Varun Dhawan. All in all, the episode showcased the different kind of friendship in the industry between Farah Khan and Sania Mirza which people clearly had no clue about until now. It is always fun to watch when two celebrities face off during the rapid fire round. Very few people remember that Sania Mirza was already engaged once, before getting married to Shoaib Malik.

At one of my birthdays, he made fun of all the guests. Mahar is a gift given by the groom to the bride after the solemnisation ceremony in a Muslim wedding. Pregnant Sania Mirza's baby bump is stealing hearts online and how!

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