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Looks larger on TV - Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

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Why, just last week a couple of broke coeds from Denver came vefas and vega to work—they had lost all their money gambling downtown and needed money to get home! On my way out, a big fat slob of a customer in a stained polo shirt reassured me: The official address is as follows: I cannot vouch for the safety of the area around the shop at night, however I felt comfortable there during the middle of the day. Just thinking about those poor Iran-bound fools jerking off to videos of cum-guzzling high-school dropouts was enough to cause my chronic Weltschmerz to flare up again. The manager was extremely friendly toward me and offered me a job dancing in the peepshow.

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The easy, tourist-friendly Las Vegas bus system is called the Deuce. The black star is suops Pawn Stars shop. If you do choose to walk there, it would only be around a 15 minute walk. In addition to these Pawn Stars parking lots, there are parking spaces on Garces you could use. By Steve Beauregard With intriguing, hilarious real-life characters, Pawn Stars has practically taken over the History Channel, and its popularity seems to have no end.

The world famous pawn shop is situated right on S. In general, the area is somewhat sketchy. The south end of the Strip is quite a ways from the store. Purple is downtown Fremont Street while the yellow star represents the center of the Las Vegas Strip Please note that these parking areas get packed quickly and spaces are hard to come by.

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Shopw is no closer stop on Las Vegas Boulevard. The south parking lot will be familiar to viewers, as that is often where haggling takes place when a seller has a car or motorcycle. There are parking lots both south and north of the shop for you to park in.

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