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Lockwood pecan tree shaker manual

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I cracked the display on my camera and I'm never sure what I'm aiming it at Framerate control - click here to reset to default. For pecans, harvesting waits until the first hard freeze of winter.

Tree shaker Nut hustler pecan

I chose to raise the drip line off of the ground to shaier tending the trees easier. The show all the major parts of the machine and how they work. Pecan 3 Point Tree Shakers. Please subscribe to see more Pecan harvest action!

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We're excited to share our process with you. In the next scene, a tree shaker carefully grasps a pecan tree and shakes loose shsker that are ready pecn harvest. Here in the South, where pecans are everywhere, this tool is a requirement unless you want to bend over and actually pick up the pecans manually, like people did back in the 20th century. I deal with flood and drought in my small orchard, so I'm installing a small drip irrigation system to tend the trees with.

The scene changes to a close-up of pecans in the tree ready for harvesting. Someday I'll get someone to video close ups. The scene changes to a pecan sweeper pushing the freshly picked pecans into rows to be picked up.

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