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The Body of Ballet

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A little, but mostly no. August 13, at 7: She really is a great dancer! Usually they say, "Oh, they have flat feet so they just don't have the flexibility that it takes to create the line in a point shoe. She is really good but she was not invited to the professional program. I know, long comment. October 3, at 6: But her problem is her height, which is unatrually tall for ballet dancer.

Busty girl for Ballet

In my aBllet, many casual ballet goers do care about physique, and some are even attracted to ballet because of the skinniness or long legs etc of ballet dancers. We all are not made the same. If by sixteen a student not largely fulfilled your potential, I doubt any school or company is going to take that dancer. My legs are short and bow-legged. And they were trying to kind of hide her and have her blend in and not notice that she was a dancer of color.

She is the shortest among the auditioning class incoming grade 8. I think I did ballet for a year or two before I had to quit. June 18, at I think it's more important to think of the people I am influencing and helping to see a broader picture of what beauty is.

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