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holy boob growth!

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P PeesOnSticks I have small breasts and barely went up a cup size by the time they were born. Leah shown after her procedure Image: The twins pictured before the operation Image: The twins pictured after the operation Image: You'll be fine m malloryyoda Size has nothing to do with ability to breastfeed. I was able to exclusively pump for a year for my twins. No correlation with breast size. The twins enjoying new found confidence after the procedure Image: Plus I have to have a c section unless A decides to flip head down which the doctor said was "unlikely" so I'm afraid that will screw things up even more not getting the natural oxytocin and immediate bonding time.

Bookmark Discussion CreekTwins wrote: Is there a correlation at all or does it vary upon person no matter what size they started with?

Boobs Twins with

Had trouble feeding my first baby due to latching issues, had no confidence with my 2nd and successfully breastfed my third until 12 months. True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse, who gave birth to twins in with co-star and husband Stephen Moyer, recently revealed something about her post-breastfeeding breasts on Late Night With Seth Meyers that a whole lot of fellow mommies can relate to. With baby 1, I found that my breasts went back to their original cup size a few months after I gave birth. You can do it!

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My breasts wkth do anything super weird while pregnant to indicate I could breastfeed. But if you do, try to be kind to yourself and to be at peace with things that are beyond your control. While lactating I gradually went up to a b cup, but lactation did NOT go well. Unfortunately, this was true for me.

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