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Diseases & Conditions (for Teens)

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Some of the health problems teens are embarrassed to discuss with their doctors concern healh, drugs, eating problems, weight concerns, depressionand suicidal thoughts. Teenagers struggle with their body image, and their lack of self-acceptance translates into problems with crash dieting and malnutrition, eating disorders such as anorexia, binge-eating disorder and bulimia, and steroid use to attain a muscular build. Sports injuries are also common.

Health issue Teens

healfh What might a doctor check during a teen health care wellness visit? Cigarette smoking is also a big draw for teenagers, who think that it makes them look grown-up, and the earlier they start smoking, the greater the chance that they'll become addicted. Your doctor will not be alarmed or surprised by any health issue you wish to discuss with him or her. Eat a healthy diet, including adequate calcium 4 dairy a day, or mg of calcium daily.

Tell your conversations or use if you are accepted really sad or are looking about submitting yourself. Bulletin are a few times that should put you more at night with your doctor:.

Do not smoke or use any type of tobacco or smokeless tobacco product. Nealth that your doctor has seen your health problem or fielded your health question hundreds of times before. Never drink and drive and never get into a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking or taking illegal drugs. Screen for sexually transmitted diseases with a simple urine test for girls and guys. Check young men for hernias and testicular cancer and teach testicular self examination. Actions to take to keep you healthy and to discuss in greater detail with your doctor include:

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