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What can sex therapy help with?

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What qualifications should a psychosexual therapist have? Sex therapy looks to help with any problem or difficulty relating to sexual relationships. Talking about sex and understanding how we relate to sex in a non-judgemental space can be an illuminating and liberating experience. In the UK, practising psychosexual therapists should be trained with a minimum of two years in a post-graduate diploma in psychosexual therapy, including a minimum of supervised clinical hours. Talking to a stranger about your sex life may feel uncomfortable, but sex therapists are not here to judge.

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You can then reflect on sexua well these exercises went in future sessions. If sex is important in your relationship and is causing problems, sex therapy is an option to help you overcome these problems and enjoy physical intimacy again. Sex is loaded with emotion and, often, talking it through together with an impartial therapist can help ease tension and bring you closer together. Here you should also get the chance to arrange logistics - how often your sessions will be, who will attend and how long the sessions will last.

While you can see a sex therapist on your own, fxcersises the problem is affecting your partner it helps if they can attend sessions too. Counselling provides the opportunity to explore and understand more fully the relationship you have with sex. Sex can often be tied up in other emotions and relationship dynamics, so you may find some sessions explore topics outside of sex.

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