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BDSM Fiction

Chad, date distributing as The net 'Masochism' ashes from von Sacher-Masoch's name.

Joey Hill is the award winning author fictikn over forty erotic romances. She is known for writing compelling characters that appeal to readers outside the BDSM genre. Fictikn forthcoming work, Unbound is a Bdem anticipated sequel. Kele Moon is the author of multiple Bdsm fiction romances featuring mafiosos and MMA fighters. Her new series, The Bourbon Thief, releases this month. Anne Rice is world renowned for her Vampire Chronicles, yet under the pseudonym A. Roquelaure, she penned The Sleeping Beauty Series, an erotic take on the classic fairy tale. She's known for her devastating Doms and has even won a National Leather Award.

She is the author of the extensive Impossible Series. A History of the Rod by "Rev. Many of Sacher-Masoch's other works contain themes of sadomasochism and female dominance of the male. The term 'Masochism' derives from von Sacher-Masoch's name.

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The Convent School, or Early Experiences of A Young Flagellant by " Rosa Coote ", pseudonym of the author and publisher, William Dugdale Bdzm, [34] in which a woman is whipped and tortured by two men. And the girl he has thrashed to-day, the young man will ask in marriage to-morrow. So it quite suits the girls, too,' he said. There's a set of de Sades for you! But it's clever, anyway.

Fiction Bdsm

Stock, a probable pseudonym, also credited with The Romance of Chastisement A collection of Victorian stories and verse about erotic flagellation. Under ficgion tutelage of her imperious stepmother, the voluptuous Clara learns how to make all around her cater to her every whim. The Yellow Room by anonymous generally attributed to "M. Forced to wear girls' clothing as his ordinary attire, Julian, now Julia, is subjected to frequent flagellations, as are his cousins, one of whom he later marries, submitting to her dominance through continued forced feminization and crossdressing. Raped on the Railway: A burlesque on the Decadent movement with private whipping clubs and other flagellatory adventures from noted poet, playwright, and humorist John Davidson.

The Memoirs of Dolly Morton: Edited and published in London and Paris by Charles Carrington.

fictoin The Caprice of a Flagellator [70] by Anonymous. Originally published in three volumes in England. Edwardian novel of flagellation pornography. A wealthy young man, who is "a lover of the rod", takes in "Frank", a teenage girl Bdsm fiction as a boy. A film was released under alternative titles Frank and I and Lady Libertine. Reverend Bxsm delights in bending the Markham household to his lascivious will through the vigorous fictuon of Bssm Scottish tawse. Maud Cameron and her Guardian written anonymously, though some attribute it to fictioon pseudonymous Charles Sackville, privately printed for subscribers only Golden Birch House: Author of numerous flagellation novels published in London and Paris including: Two Lascivious Adventures of Mr.

Additionally, each story is categories by gender codes, consent levels consensual, reluctant, blackmail, non-consensual and content codes X for light bondage, XXXX for extreme activity. With the amount of filters available you can basically find your ideal fictional tale. Finding quality fiction online is no different. But of course, as with any site which receives a high amount of traffic, there can be a lot of filler to navigate. Despite this, the BDSM category on there is surprisingly coherent, and for those looking for more niche stories, the categories can be further narrowed down to suit your needs.

Story themes go as deep as they can possibly go, perhaps being even too far for the BDSM community. There is also little moderation regarding subject matter on XNXX, so for anyone who enjoys pushing the envelope a little more than usual, this site should be perfect.

The site layout is as professional as it comes, with every story offering a high-definition accompanying image. The stories themselves are contributed by a handful of authors, meaning that quality is never compromised for quantity. The sheer length, complexity and professionalism of the stories is second to none, making this site the perfect outlet for those craving in-depth tales of bondage and domination.

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