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The amount of private sex workers has skyrocketed SIN manager Sharon Sedvices The image of a drug-addicted woman standing on a street corner, too scared to report an assault to the police in case she gets arrested, is not reality. A newcomer to the industry Dominique has been working full-time as a sex worker for eight months.

Adelaide Sex services

In Ms Jennings' experience, drug use is no more prevalent among sex workers than it is in the rest of the community. Sergices such as SIN work to ensure sex workers feel safe to report crimes against them to the police. Once the commitments had passed, Dominique left her job and began full-time sex work. They range from previous checkout operators, office workers and managers to those who have only ever worked in the industry. Dominique sees her sex work as a normal job, but believes she could easily walk away from the industry if her circumstances changed.

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The website I used at the time had three pages of adverts 36 individual ads After seven years as a servicces worker sefvices was introduced to the Sex Industry Network SINa support network for people in the business, and now manages the organisation. Sharon Jennings has been involved in the sex industry for just over 10 years. She worked casually in a brothel for six months before setting up privately. She was introduced to the illegal trade while studying a degree at an Adelaide university.

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