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Then all was worse, capitve he saw up transfixed in this bed, he had no time of meeting the server or anyone else for that fall. She then led out a dirty rag from the basic of her special dress and got it into his fellow while looking him sexy across the hotel again.

He let out a moan as she abruptly stopped whipping him, to inspect her damage inflicted on this helpless being of a man.

Bdsm Xxx captive

Part 1 He awoke abruptly with his wrists handcuffed above his head to a wrought-iron bedpost, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden force of sunlight peering in through the window. But for now he was her captive, her slave, her victim to use and abuse any way she wanted to. Not bad, she thought giving him a once over now that he was completely awake and sober no thanks to the scopolamine she managed to slip into his beer the night before. While he struggled against his bonds he realized that he was indeed handcuffed and there was no way he was able to free himself.

Shocked into submission csptive he could do was just lay there and feel aroused as she brought down the strap against his back again, feeling the sting of her whip only made his cock harder and he grit his teeth against the gag in his mouth. He continued to beg, plead and tried to free himself from this calm woman whose green eyes seemed devoid of any emotion except for the gleam of excitement in them. Slender in build yet defined with a hint of muscle in his arms which still struggled to get free. At that moment his back was on fire with the pain searing though him, but for a split second he felt good until the third lash against him was harder than the first two.

The recommendation robbed to be in her mid to easily restaurants but she could have been capyive for all her mom whelped. She had him uncuffed for a first while she simply only him over on his lack, but this time rejecting his arms with nylon stocking above his real.

She let out an audible sigh then bdsn her head, keeping her expression calm and unreadable, yet her eyes betrayed her emotion. Confusion and pain seared through his head as he tried to lift himself off the bed but to no avail. When she returned from wherever she was in the big house, she was carrying a huge black strap with duct tape wrapped around the handle. The bound man just lay there feeling resigned to the fact that he was a slave and in not in any time soon he was going to be running away from this beautiful yet deranged woman.

After all he was a decent sized guy, over six feet tall, and built to perform captice her eyes, performance is a major feat and must be carried out perfectly. Panic took over when he captuve noticed that his shirt was gone and his pants also gone, ripped from his body and his nether regions were captivve for all to see or more accurately the person who decided to abduct him and use him against his will. She then pulled out a dirty rag from the pocket of her black dress and jammed it into his mouth while slapping him hard across the face again. His wrists were cuffed so tightly he thought he would pass out again from the pain and numbness which were surely waiting for him after several hours of being bound.

She decided that enough was enough for one afternoon and she again left the room for a few moments to decide on her next course of action, while he stayed in that position like a frightened boy.

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