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Army in the Philippines and a job as mechanic to French aviator Marc Pourpe. Oberndorf was miles from N. After a delay due to dense cloud cover over the Black Forest, the first six Farmans of F. Four Farmans soon turned back with mechanical problems and a fifth, struck by anti-aircraft fire, was forced to land in Allied territory in the Vosges Mountains. The British suffered similar losses at the onset, with four Sopwiths turning back with engine trouble and a fifth crashing at Faucogney 25 minutes after takeoff. I two-seat, twin-boom pusher biplanes, with a small fighter component based to the south.

Farther south, at Habsheim, was another flying detachment and a unit equipped with Fokker E. II fighters, of Jasta Suspecting its own aerodrome to be the target, Fl. IIs flown by Lt. The four Farmans of F. Kissenberth was first to score, sending the lead Farman down in the woods, where its exploding bombs created a funeral pyre for its crew. Kissenberth then shot down a second Farman before landing to phone in his first report. Some of the members of fighter squadron N. Bert Hall, Sub Lt.

Alfred de Laage de Meux, Sgt. Kiffri Rockwell and Cpl. Just after bombing Oberndorf, nine Sopwiths of 3 Wing came under attack by German fighters, including Kissenberth and Hilz, who had just replenished their fuel and ammunition. Raymond Collishaw, managed to limp donaueschinben to Luxeuil. Butterworth, and forced him to land at a nearby parade field. For the Allies, the worst aerial carnage still lay ahead. While waiting to rendezvous with BM. IIIs north of Colmar, with Prince downing one of them. Among them was Lt. Ernst Udet, who disabled a Breguet IV whose crew made a dead-stick landing with all their bombs still on the racks.

It was a comical picture; the vanquished landed upright and the victor landed upside-down. Both Frenchmen clambered down and we shook hands all around. Is turned west and were making a wide turn near Rosskopf when they ran right into BM.

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