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Why are so many women watching male gay porn?

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Watching porn Women gay

More From Thought Catalog. In particular, Neville explained: Some women enjoyed that men were the main object of sexual attraction. On the other end, most women prefer looking at gay males engaged in what appears to be a fun sexual encounter over attractive women pretending to be lesbians for straight men. Uncomfortable With The Humiliation That article is accurate from my perspective. I mean it also helped that one guy is hot and two guys are hotter, but mostly it was about the more comfortable dynamics. Neville used an online questionnaire as well as a series of focus groups and one-on-one interviews to investigate the reasons some women find gay content to be appealing.

The findings suggest that some women enjoy gay content because it offers perspectives that mainstream heterosexual pornography lacks.

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The overwhelming opinion appears to be that straight pornography is too fake, too much like gymnastics in terms of positions, and not at all focused wahching what a woman might want to actually take part in. So, everyone is asking, why the preference for male dominated gay pornography? A lot more kissing, a lot more heavy make outs, and it seems like they both actually enjoy it. The qualitative study included women who said they watched gay male content. In addition, not having to worry about the exploitation of female performers was an appealing factor for some women.

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