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That's What He Said - Sixers at Celtics (Game 5)

This age has so much to give and so much higher and so much talent in us. They at least have to experience it. No one sunny Al Horford to take care 4 shots and even on the harsh end.

The Celtics made 6 threes. The starters attempted just 13 threes. They were either scared or not confident on offense. They at least have to earn it. At least make James play perfectly and his supporting cast play lights out again. Smith made a few threes, Kyle Korver got hot in garbage time, James was no better than he usually is. And what did the Celtics do? Outplayed in their most important category. Take it from Brad Stevens himself. We were not the harder-playing, more connected team. Game 1 and Game 2 were not flukes.

Game 3 should be the exception. That was my message.

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You learn at the stage that I am hame with age and experience, that I hate losing more than Suckk love winning. That is a fact and it inspires me to really study what just happened. I think the end of the second period is true, that was a sting that hurt us. Then, Joel Embiid got going. I played him more. I believe I played him the whole third period and we went at him and he responded.

Then you jump into the fourth period and there were mood swings, two of them. I think they went on a 10 - 0 run. We followed up with an run. We lost to a good team. I feel like I had a lot more to go, but you have to look at the positives and the negatives and you got to keep moving forward. Coming into this building, the fans are amazing. We have to move forward, get better and look ahead now. This is the start for me. I have a long way to go, so. They played well together. They made some tough shots throughout the whole series. They defended us pretty well, too so go to give them a lot of credit, but it just sucks. You just have to learn from it and come back next year and do better. I mean, me have a lot of talented guys.

We committed a lot of mistakes, we have to learn from it. We definitely had more to show. The way I thought about it, it was like this could be the last possession of the season and I need to be at my best. I felt like although it was against the doctors and all those guys, I kind of tossed it aside. I mean, the playoff ordered. The refs they had a great game, I thought they were great tonight. It is what it is, I give Boston credit. Just get better for next season. We went from 28 to 52 wins. We have a lot left. Like I said, Brad Stevens and Boston did an incredible job and they are going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next decade.

As a unit everyone knew that we had a lot to give.

It is just unfortunate that Cfltics came up short. What did the swings feel like in this game? We were on the bench cheering, making sure the guys were locked in defensively. Just the momentum, we were trying to keep the crowd out of it a little bit.

Tip my hat off to Make, Brett Brown, they began out and were interested and tellurium and we just became the course and got the win. No one autistic Al Horford to take more 4 years and disappear on the thing end. We something can do more.

They made a couple of plays that got the crowd going and they were energized off of that. Overall, they finished their game off of the crowd. Did you feel that this series showed what you could do in the playoffs and in a spotlight situation? We definitely can do more. This team has so much to give and so much time and so much youth in us. It is a matter of us a whole taking this off season, learning from what we have done so far and coming back stronger for next season. What do you think this team has shown through this year and through this series?

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