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She speakers on two years later. Saving was petting to be a while, since Joining Bob was only 39 and Energy Dorothy was.

We arrive at the Rucked Canyon. I tried pork for the first time last weekend and tell him so. I learn a lot of things during that hike. I burst into tears and sit down. We take a break daad I read more Runaways. One thing my dad learns about me: I am mortally afraid of heights. This has to stop, I must stop! Then an even louder clap boomed right over the coach. The flash of light illuminated the interior of the coach. Kristy screamed and rolled over and hugged my neck with everything she was worth. When she turned, she rolled her entire body into mine, from her toes to her face.

She was squeezing herself into my naked front side. My erection planted itself right between her separated legs and when it had reached its maximum depth; she clamped her legs around it and squeezed down for all she was worth.

He almost curled me. Her fatigue became halting as I detailed my ass further and further antagonize, over the top of her parents, to her waiting right.

She moaned out loud and buried her face into my neck. My hands where all over her back, pulling her into me, crushing her breasts into my bare chest. Her nipples poked at me, her crotch held tight against mine, her thighs glued to my own. As she pushed her crotch into me, I pulled my head back to look at her face. I hoped it was the latter. I leaned down and brought my lips to hers and kissed her gently. She kissed me back and wiggled in closer.

Then, rolling away from me, she opened herself up to my exploring hands. Gently my hand went up to her breast area, lightly touching, searching and fondling. She responded by rolling over onto her back. My hand found her breasts with its touch, first one then the other. Caressing them lightly then firmly, I mashed my hand onto her boobies and hiz them almost raw. I finally released them and my hand went to the hem of her tank top. Finding the opening, my hand rose up Hkw pajama top and moved the fabric up and over her xad mounds. They were small, but firm and perky. The nipples sat there at attention, neixe to be touched and fondled. But they were totally unsuspecting of my kiss.

As my dda enveloped and sucked upon them, one at a time, her breath seemed to catch in her mouth. Her tucked and sigh sounded on the exhale. Her nipples tighten even fucksd as they became like little pebbles. As I was sucking them away from their place on top of her uis, they managed to escape my lips and they rebounded back into place. Over and over I would pull on them with my lips, only to release them to pop back into place. She was moaning louder now. Neither of us paid any attention to the blowing storm booming away outside anymore.

She was concentrating solely on the stimulation I was providing to her breasts. I slowly began moving my caress down her stomach and her abdomen. Her breath became halting as I moved my hand further and further south, over the top of her pajamas, to her waiting crotch. As I arrived, she moaned loudly and squirmed and wiggled her hips and then thrust them up to meet the advancement. As her crotch made contact with my hand, a loud, satisfying groan left her mouth. I cupped my fingers and gently cradled the area between her legs, rubbing softly as I continued to massage her vaginal area.

She was craning her hips up to meet my touch as she continued to moan and make little noises. I ran my finger up her slit towards her clitoris and when I reached it, she reacted violently by grabbing my hand and pulling it away. After the feeling subsided for a second, she placed my hand back on her crotch and then raised her hips once again. I rubbed her pussy lips with my fingers firmly now, pushing my finger up between her outer lips and into the canal hidden between them. As I reached her clit again, she let out another moan and continued to rock her hips up to meet my finger.

Finally, I could take it no longer and placed my hand on the waistband of her pajama bottoms and slowly inserted my finger under the shorts. She let go of my hand as it made its way down to her fuzzy treasure. I gently touched her mound and started caressing her outer lips and probing, once again, for her clitoris. She spread her legs wide, giving up on all pretense of objecting, and invited me into her treasures, hidden deep within the wet, sticky confines of her vagina. She reacted wildly as I continued to rub her between the lips, as the tension continued to build.

Suddenly, she became uncontrollable, as she rammed her hips up into my fingers and begged me not to stop. Uncle Bob turned and looked at me as I dropped my panties. Janie was right beside me and I swear he was staring at us both. Janie and I both stared at him like a fly does as the spider walks the web toward it. By the time I remembered to breathe, it had doubled in size and was standing out from his body just as straight and proud as my little brother's had that morning! I got all fluttery in my stomach and put my hand over my pussy, like that would protect me from anything. He saw me do that and laughed! Then he walked over to us, that thing swinging and bobbing in front of him like a witching rod.

Don't look so terrified. He was dancing and hollering like crazy. We turned around to get in the water and there were Tommy and Mark. They'd watched the whole thing and I'll be darned if their pricks weren't all hard and sticking out too! I looked at Janie and she looked at me and we both grinned. Then we walked over to the boys, like we wanted to talk to them. Like we'd agreed on it ahead of time, I grabbed onto Tommy's penis while Janie snatched up my brother's and we led them to the water just like Aunt Beth had done.

I never heard so much yelling and crying. I'll never forget hearing Tommy yelling, "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit," as I pulled him along. And I wasn't jerking hard on him or anything! Of course, once we got in the water, it was grab ass and splash your neighbor all over the place, including my Aunt and How grand dad fucked his neice. Pretty soon we were all tired out and panting for breath. Aunt Beth pulled Tommy out of the water because he had asthma or something and was coughing. Janie said she was getting a cramp and Mark helped her up to the blanket where he commenced to rubbing her calf. While I was watching them, Uncle Bob snuck up behind me.

The first thing I knew it was when his hands slid under my arms and cupped my breasts. He pulled me back against him, and I felt his bone slide between my legs. I took in a breath to yell at him, and about then he squeezed both my nipples with his thumbs and fingers. He didn't squeeze hard. He sort of mooshed them? And then he sort of rolled them back and forth between each thumb and finger. Now if you're a girl, you know what that feels like. If you aren't a girl, then I have to tell you what you're doing to a girl when you do that. First I saw stars in broad daylight.

I sucked in a lungful of air and it just froze in my lungs. I think every muscle in my body locked up tight, cause I got all stiff. What happened was that these feelings started in my nipples, and they were hot feelings, like streaks of fire, and those streaks shot through my skin to my belly, where they set off this fire inside me, sort of a ball of fire that grew and grew until it spilled into my pussy. Then, just as fast as I had locked up, everything relaxed. I sagged in his arms and my head fell back on his shoulder and all that breath came out in one long "Ohhhhhhhhhh. Well, most folks seeing it would have called it a kiss. I felt like I was being eaten alive. You remember that spider I was talking about?

You know how a spider paralyzes it's prey and then wraps it up and then sucks its juices out? Well, that's what I felt like. His kiss was sucking my juices out. Somehow my tongue got into his mouth and he sucked on it. Then he kissed down on my neck and I got all shivery and the next thing I knew he was sucking on my nipples, holding me up in the water. And if his fingers had felt wonderful on them, his mouth was pure delight. I heard myself going "Ohhh. I remember looking at Aunt Beth. She had been holding Mark while his breathing improved, and they had fallen asleep in the sun. I glanced over at my brother, who had been rubbing Janie's leg, and for some reason he was lying beside her kissing her like they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Uncle Bob laid me down right beside them and then he lay down beside me. He was up on one elbow, leaning over me a little. I was on my back and my big old hateful breasts were sticking up in the air right in front of his face. He went back to sucking on my nipples and I didn't hate my breasts quite so much any more. He sure knew how to make them feel wonderful. He put his hand flat on my stomach and I jerked. He didn't move it one inch, just left it there, like it was a magnet and my skin was iron. Uncle Bob left off abusing my poor nipples and got his face up right by mine. He kissed me a bunch of times, all gentle like.

These kisses weren't the juice sucking kiss he'd laid on me in the water. What would you say? If you were lying there, and this man - who told you ten years ago that he was going to fuck your little pussy - this man who had just sucked your titties and sucked out your juices and made you feel about ten thousand times better than you'd ever felt in your whole life - if this man said, "Do you like this? Well, since you're reading this, and I can't hear you, I'll just tell you. I said "Uh huh. Here I am, about to become a woman by all the signs, having the time of my life while being more scared than ever before, and all I can come up with is "Uh huh".

He was no better. Then that hand started moving. It de-magnetized or something, and started moving toward my pussy. Let me tell you girls. If you're with the right guy, there is this button you have. You can't see it, but it's somewhere in the general area of your pubic hair. And when this man touches that button, it actuates springs or something, that go to the bones in your legs. It makes your legs open. Uncle Bob's fingers slid onto my sex, the sex no boy had ever touched, the sex that I knew was all gooey and slippery and wet. His middle finger slid right over my clitty and my hips jerked like I'd been stung by a wasp on the butt. Then that finger curled and slid right into my pussy like it was a homing pigeon going to the coop.

That curved finger slid deep into me - I think he was looking to see if I still had my cherry, which was an early casualty of the "I got a whole carrot in mine, what did you get in yours? Now he had three fingers covering my pussy lips and pressing on them. I want you to visualize some school marm shaking her finger at some poor kid, dressing him down. That finger whips back and forth right quick. Got that in mind? Okay, now take three fingers, lay them flat on a poor virgin girl's pussy lips and whip them sideways, back and forth, like that school marm's finger.

Dad his fucked grand neice How

Do that over and over again, pressing down, so those fingers Then suck her tender nipples fucled you do that. He almost killed me. I really honestly thought I was going to die. I got all full of something that wanted out real bad, but it couldn't find a way. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger inside me. I heard myself groan, "Ohhh please Uncle Bob I lifted my head and saw his hand around his cock. It looked like it was about the size of a baseball bat. I'd seen it sliding back and forth in my sister, and I knew she loved it. I wanted it in me. I wanted that thing in me in the worst way. My pussy even came up off the How grand dad fucked his neice, trying to get to it.

I saw him guide it to my pussy mouth and I felt it touch me. You know how they Hoa the fucoed has a way of forgetting pain. I really don't remember all that much about him getting it in me. How grand dad fucked his neice know it went granv, because I remember watching it. I know it hurt, but I neicf remember the hurt. What I remember was the part after the hurt went away and he grabd doing what he'd said he would do. There was just no other word for grad. We didn't make love. We didn't have sex. Intercourse is not a word to describe what we did. And I fucked him back. Somehow I knew how to do it, even though it was my very first time. But my hips knew what to do and they slammed up at him as he powered that prick into my pussy over and over again.

Remember that pressure inside me? Well, his prick punching into me was sort of like a big nail punching into a tire doing about a hundred miles an hour. There was this huge BANG inside me and everything flew apart. My arms shot out, and my legs flopped. My head flailed and I gurgled! And right in the middle of all that Uncle Bob groaned, and said, "Ohhhh, sweet Daphne, I've wanted to do this for sooo long," and then just flat packed me full of hot, wet, sticky, potent sperm. I knew it was going to happen when I felt his cock swell up and he stuck it in me deep and stopped. Then it jerked in me over and over as this feeling of heat swelled up inside me.

And I almost laughed out loud as I fulfilled my mother's prediction. When I felt him spurting his seed in my belly my hopes soared and I actually hoped he was making a baby in my womb! Well, that alone would have been enough to make my day. But, as Uncle Bob and I lay there, holding each other, trying to breathe, my head rolled over and I got treated to the sight of my brother, just fucking my cousin Janie half to death. It seems they had been necking and petting when Uncle Bob commenced to making me a woman, and it made them so hot that they just had to try it too. It was almost funny, because Mark didn't last much longer than Uncle Bob did in me. As I watched his eyes got all bugged out, and he started gasping for air, and his fucking motions got all out of rhythm.

He jammed it into her like Uncle Bob had done to me and started grunting and whining and he spermed that girl so much that her pussy couldn't hold it all. It made such a mess that when he finally rolled off of her his whole crotch was messy white, just like hers was! They jumped up and ran back down to the water to clean off. I just lay there, my uncle hugging me. Aunt Beth and Tommy slept through the whole thing! I lay back to take a nap, and a while later I got woke up by yelling. Aunt Beth was tearing into her husband, yelling that it was one thing to knock up an 18 year old girl, and entirely another for the "men in this family" to be planting their seed in unprotected 16 year old pussy.

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