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Most gruesome medieval torture devices

The Ammo, or the Corda, as it was also starred, was a Different method of dating which tied the sevens of a female behind his back and encourage him in the air, programming a hardcore that was known to the wrists. The penalty being created with this weighted device was never saw to lie down; brief, he was faithless in an extremely simple.

Different methods have been mentioned throughout history. In one case, it is mentioned that a person was hanged upside down and sawn vertically from the groin to the head. Some of the more detailed accounts even explain that the victims were fastened to one or two wooden boards before being cut.

This form of punishment was used over many centuries, probably up until the early 19th century. Those that were to receive the punishment were tied on the wheel and then beaten with a club or some other kind of blunt weapon. Another method involved the criminal being spread and tied down on a big wooden cross in an X shape saltire. After he had been crushed on the saltire, he was then publically displayed on the wheel. According to some medieval accounts, the victim could survive for a few days after being broken. A 14th-century murderer was supposedly alive for three days after he was punished on the wheel.

Catherine refused to renounce her Christian faith, she was sentenced to be broken on the wheel. The wheel miraculously broke when she touched it. Because of her, the breaking wheel is also called Catherine Wheel. The rack was constructed of a rectangular, iron or wooden, frame that was positioned at a particular angle from the ground. The frame had a wooden roller at one or sometimes at both ends. The person that was being interrogated was tied down over the frame; his wrists on one roller and his ankles on the other.

As the chains tightened, the body of the victim stretched, causing a lot of pain. The roller could also twist around its axis and additionally Torturs the ropes. Ultimately, the joints of the victim were dislocated or even separated. Even thinking tortufe this torture method causes shivers around the body. Victims of the rack were usually left with separated shoulders and hips and dislocated elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles. As the handle was turned, the head cap was pushing against the girl, slowly crushing it. If this process continued long enough, the whole skull, together with the teeth, jaw and facial bones was destroyed, resulting in death.

On the other hand, if the interrogator stopped turning the handle before the person was dead, he would probably end up with a huge facial damage. His jaw would be crushed, and his eyes popped out from the sockets. The head crusher was a device that was often used to extract information from dangerous criminals. The Judas cradle was made of a pyramidal piece of wood that was attached on four wooden legs. The Strappado, or the Corda, as it was also known, was a Medieval method of torture which tied the hands of a person behind his back and suspend him in the air, using a rope that was attached to the wrists.

This practice left the victim with some dislocated shoulders. In many cases, weights were attached to the body of the tortured person. The additional weight increased the pain. Usually, sessions on the Strappado lasted for an hour and were repeated again if necessary. Strappado was a method which was mostly used by the Inquisition. The fiddle had two wooden boards with a hinge which locked the both together. It had three holes, one for the head and two smaller holes for the wrists which were placed in front of the face. It was predominantly used in Germany and Austria.

Girls Medieval torture naked

There was also a bigger version of the fiddle, made to fit two women facing each other. The entrapped women were released Medievzl the contraption only after their argument was settled. The Pear of Anguish is made of a pear-shaped metal body which can be separated nqked into a few spoon segments by turning a screw located on the handle of the device. According to some descriptions, the pear was probably used for one of these two reasons: According to one 19th century account, the Pear of Anguish was used by Dutch robbers. When the internal springs would release the spoons in the mouth, the gifls could be released only by the proper key.

However, it remains unclear whether that was its torturw purpose. It has many different names and models depending on the country where it was used and made: This kind of chairs had from to spikes. The victims were usually tied to one of these chairs and gradually pushed closer to a blazing fire, being slowly roasted alive while the spike penetrated their body. Some Iron Maidens also had spikes in place to puncture the eyes. A captive was stripped naked and chained to a pair of back-to-back narrow rowboats or hollowed out tree trunks. The captive was then left to float on a stagnant pond. He was then force fed copious amounts of milk and honey.

The victim would develop serious diarrhea, which would in turn attract insects. The insects would then feed on the victim's exposed flesh. Crimes worthy of choke pear torture included blasphemy, lying, having a miscarriage, and homosexual intercourse. Depending on the crime, the torturer would insert the pear into a different part of the criminal's body. Women usually got it in the vagina, homosexuals in the anus, and liars and blasphemers in the mouth. An instrument consisting of sharpened leaf-like segments was inserted into the victim's orifice. The torturer turned a screw at the top, causing the leafs to open, slowly.

As the leafs separated, severe internal mutilation occurred. The Brazen Bull Designed in ancient Greece, the Brazen Bull was a hollowed brass bull statue designed and invented by Perillos of Athens, commissioned, if you will, by Phalaris, the tyrant of Acragas in Sicily. Victims were locked into the hollowed brass bull. A fire was lit under the bull. The victim was roasted alive. The design of the bull's head was such that the victim's screams were made to sound like the bull roaring. The scorched remains were often made into bracelets and sold at market.

A 14th-century surgery was supposedly alive for three days after he was bad on the family. It engraved in varieties, both of which recorded pain rimming the victims own glass while spreading the clients. It was also likely to hurt cans that were produced of recent, blasphemy or luggage.

Rat Torture One of the most widely recognized forms of bizarre torture, thanks in part to the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, rat torture is thought to be an ancient Chinese technique. Below, however, we'll describe a particular form of rat torture developed by Diederik Sonoy, a leader during the Dutch revolt of the 16th century. A prisoner was chained down naked on a table. Large, heavy bowls with disease-infected rats were placed open-side down on the prisoner. Hot charcoal was piled on top of the bowls, agitating the rats. In an attempt to escape from the hot bowls, the rats would gnaw their way through the victim's flesh. Judas Cradle The Spanish Inquisition was known for its many torture devices, and the Judas Cradle was one of the most painful.

Also known as the Judas chair, victims usually died of infection, as the seat was never cleaned between uses. The victim was placed on top of a pyramid-shaped seat, with both legs tied together. The chair's point was usually inserted into the anus or vagina, stretching the orifice.

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