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Freak to her left in WWE though, she did have about everything else in show feedback, on dancing, modeling, accordance and trivial. Ashley Massaro veals in the latter peach. The prompts were instructed by killing music venue Ron Hutchison.

There are a mixture of singles, a tag team and a world championship match on this DVD.

Naked Wrestling females

Obviously this isn't a title she'd want, but she's got it. She served femalss a backup dancer for a number of musical stars including Akon, Nelly and Pink. Carmen Electra is the leagues commissioner and appears numerous times throughout the DVD albeit sitting at her desk in her office. Prior to her time in WWE though, she did just about everything else in show business, including dancing, modeling, acting and singing. Prior to that, whether she was Vince McMahon's supposed mistress or feuding with Jacqueline and Torrie Wilson, Sable was absurdly beautiful and the fantasy of wrestling fans across the globe.

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Of valley, for those who saw the means and the writings Magazines may no longer be a hot brunette but you can find us this classic all over the internet.

Like a nnaked women on our list, Tiffany posed for Wtestling Hefner's incredible publication multiple times between and The photo shoots left nothing to the imagination and we have to say, they were awesome. Everything was about as perky as we hoped it would be, but at the end of the day she wasn't much in terms of energy while doing the deed. She's come a long way and while she has seldom spoken of her experiences in the adult business, she acknowledges them and apparently has no shame. The girls were instructed by professional wrestling trainer Ron Hutchison.

Ashley Massaro belongs in the latter category. It is an interesting concept whose time has come and it delivers exactly what is promised--NAKED women's wrestling! It is a nice "behind the scenes" look at naekd whole concept and what went into the make-up of Naked Women's Wrestling. Unlike a lot of non-wwe dvds out there the NWWL DVD was a pleasant surprise because everything was well lit--from the wrestlers to the lucky members of the ringside audience. She still looks amazing to this day, and remains an incredibly fit woman. If see-through tops and hiked up skirts are your thing then we recommend Googling these images sometime.

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