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We love our country. Skilled cave divers are painstakingly teaching them to swim in preparation for a perilous escapewhich involves pairing them with trained frogmen and leading them to safety through pitch-black water and narrow passageways. An anonymous navy source told the ABC three factors were driving the urgency — the water level inside the cave, the amount of oxygen available, and the health of the boys and their coach. With oxygen levels dropping quickly, the rescue mission seen being rehearsed in the new footage could begin at any moment.

The grim reality facing the boys and their football coach has never been more evident.

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We have to make money wor,er for lost time. New footage of the daunting conditions facing the group trapped in the flooded cave has been captured by British television network ITV. Several rescuers can be seen struggling through dark, narrow passages. They played drums and gongs and two relatives held fishing nets as a symbolic way to fish out lost spirits from the cave.

workef We are afraid of the weather and the oxygen in the cave. Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn, a former governor of the northern Tnai Rai province who is leading the rescue effort, said there Phhoto no plans to pull the boys and their coach out overnight but if monsoon rains fell and water rose in the Tham Luang cave over the coming days they could change their plans. Drilling was ruled out as an option early on, but Thanes Weerasin, the president of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, has revealed that a drilling crew are looking at a tunnel with a large hole about metres into it, The Guardian has reported.

Hundreds of people have been mobilised to find the youngsters who are trapped in Tham Luang cave when heavy rainfall flooded its main entrance.

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Even if they are found, though, officials have cautioned that getting them to safety could take time. Rescue workers have so far found some belongings raising hopes that the group may have fled deeper inside the cave. In order to reach the boys from the base, a diver has to carry at least three oxygen tanks to reach them before replacing the tanks again on the way out. Many of the boys, aged between 11 to 16, are unable to swim and none has diving experience. Getty Images THE 12 Thai boys trapped deep inside a partially flooded cave are not yet ready to dive out, the rescue operation commander said, although forecast heavy rains could speed up their extraction attempt.

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