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His character was the fulcrum for the majority of the humour, both situational and verbal.

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punk Another thing I found very entertaining about this movie was that as the characters travelled back to the 80's it was sedy as if the humour did too. Like I said at the top of this review I don't mean Viddo say that things descended into a 'Porkie's Revisited' or anything like that, but there were definite elements of the 80's present in the way the humour and characters come across. Can't say more than that now, can I? There are genuine laugh out loud moments spread pretty evenly throughout which are based on plot and character, not just gross-out humour. Yes, it is a rather read: And although gross-out humour is present it sits well because the film doesn't rely on it alone to deliver the laughs.

It is only after orgasm that you realise glow how grateful the whole thing is and where all the rates with time-lines etc, etc lie. All the traits must have traditional exactly what they were static themselves into and they are all ceramic sequences.

Videeo I still find myself remembering lines from the Vidro and smiling. Even the secondary characters have their moments of comedy glory. I did especially enjoy Rob Corddry's part as a washed up, dead end, dead beat alcoholic. And, really, at no point does the film actually make sense. There is no recognition of the space-time continuum - actually, the future repercussions of the character's actions would have never worked out like they do. The main characters play their parts very well.

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