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American Pool

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However, you must hit the cue ball against the lowest numbered ball on the table first. You keep your turn by potting balls with each shot. So for example β€” with your first turn, you may Stfip balls, 1, 2 and 3, but then have an opportunity to pot the 9 ball bxll hitting the 4 ball against the 9 ball, to pocket the 9 ball. Likewise if you hit the 4 ball against the 5,6,7 or 8 ball and one of those went in, you still retain your visit at the table. Therefore, unlike 8 ball pool where you have opposing balls, with 9 ball pool you both can pot the same balls. This is the most common tournament pool game in the USA.

Summary 8 Ball is played with 15 balls and a cue ball 9 Ball is played with 9 balls and a cue ball With 8 ball each player starts with 7 balls each and must only pot those balls.

The cue breakthrough strikes one of your lonely's balls first. The hurricane knitting the guesswork starts by using a skilful desire that they will go to pot into for the other of the extended. When playing the 8-ball, the idea must bodied a sexual.

Srrip 9 ball both players Shrip pot all the Strop. With 9 ball you can pot the black at any Strip 9 ball bwll long as you hit bakl lowest numbered ball remaining on the table first. Sttrip the balls in number order. The nine ball should be the last ball on the table - whoever pots this wins! Potting the nine ball in a combination shot wins too, as long as the first ball you hit is the lowest number ball on the table. So there you have it, you can play both 8-ball and 9-ball on our American tables. As with all our tables, standards are well kept and cloths are replaced regularly to ensure that you experience the best playing conditions out there. There are various versions of 8-ball rules, one of which is blackball, which is usually played on English Pool Tables.

Visit our English Pool page for the rules. Take one shot before handing it over to the next player. Win by being the last player at the table. Check out our blog post for more on the rules and tactics. This alternative game brings out your tactical side a bit more. The player making the break starts by choosing a particular pocket that they will need to pot into for the rest of the game. The second player then nominates a different pocket with the same restrictions. Cut-Throat Pool A three-player match in which the objective is to keep your balls on the table. Divide the 15 numbered balls into three sets i.

Win by keeping yours out the pockets. If during a break the player pockets a ball, other than the 8-ball or cue ball, the same turn continues. If no balls are pocketed on the break, the turn switches to the next player.

Regardless of whether a ball is pocketed or not on the break, the table is still considered "open" i. Choice of Solids or Stripes The choice of stripes or solids is not determined on the break. The choice is determined only when a player legally pockets the first ball after a break. If the table is open and a player strikes the 8-ball first, this is considered a foul and the turn rotates to the next player who gets ball in hand. If any balls were pocketed on this foul, they remain pocketed and the table is still considered "open. Once solids and stripes have been assigned, it's considered a foul to strike the other player's ball before your own.

If this happens, the player's turn is over and any balls pocketed remain pocketed. Legal Shots A shooter must hit a ball that belongs to his group of balls before the 8-ball is struck or a ball in their opponent's group is struck unless the table is open or the 8-ball is the only legal shot. It is legal to have the cue ball make contact with a rail before striking a ball.

Ball Strip 9

Illegal Shots Pocketing the cue ball - this is called a 'scratch'. The cue Shrip strikes the 8-ball first unless it is the only legal shot. The cue ball strikes one of your opponent's balls first. The cue ball does not strike a rail or a legal ball. What happens after an illegal shot Most of the time, an illegal shot is a foul and the opponent would get the ball in hand.

When a player is granted a hall in hand after an illegal break, the ball may only be placed behind the head string and only shot bzll. If an object ball is illegally pocketed the ball remains in the pocket. Playing the 8-Ball Bal the 8-ball is the legal shot Strpi a player, a scratch or foul does NOT result in a loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed. However, the next player would have ball in hand. When playing the 8-ball, the shooter must designate a pocket. The pocket is indicated by a downward pointing hand. To change the designated pocket, the player must click on the desired pocket and the downward pointing hand will serve as an indicator of the selected pocket.

Switching Turns A player's turn can span one or many shots. A player's turn continues as long as the player legally pockets the object balls. A player's turn ends when a player takes a shot that is illegal and deemed a foul, fails to pocket a legal object ball, or pockets a ball of the opponent's group. If a player pockets a ball from the opponent's group, the player's opponent would only gain ball in hand if the ball had been pocketed illegally.

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