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Adult Learning Australia

Check our ACE infographics. Our means Adult Learning Australia sees on projects that are interested with our forum mission and values.

Read Write Now student to feature on SBS Insight program As you may know, it is rare for adult literacy to be in the spotlight as the shame and stigma of poor literacy result in it being covered up. The TV program Insight, hosted by Jennie Brockie focused on this issue in the program titled Reading Between the Lines, and the really exciting news was that a Read Write Now student was a guest on the program. Did you know that almost half of the Australian population struggles with everyday practical literacy skills? These are suitable for Levels If you are interested in being a volunteer with the Program please submit an application so you can be invited to the first course of We advise all levels of government, particularly at a national level through our relationship to the Department of Education and Training.

If you attended, we do hope that you enjoyed the day and took home with you some practical tips for your next tutoring session.

Organisation australia in literacy Adult

Please note that organieation is no more Metropolitan training for What do our students say? Here is a link to our constitution. We conduct and disseminate the results of research of relevance to practitioners. Check out our latest strategic plan. We are also committed to local solutions to community learning needs. ALA is committed to ensuring that all Australians can access the benefits of lifelong and lifewide learning.

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Fill out and submit literact application form. We keep members and others informed through our quarterly e-magazine, Questcovering issues, events, people, ideas and projects on adult learning. You will then be contacted by your local Coordinator. We manage a national database of adult and community education providers.

We are committed organisatioj working cooperatively with the various peak and membership bodies working within this space to maximise our efforts. More info and photos here. Learn more about ACE in Australia.

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