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I found a few years that said gaj were interested, but they were dried typos. Is there a way to leave the two so that few one there updates the other?.

For details, please see Wikipedia: He doesn't have a page, is only listed, if that matters. He opens the list in edit mode and sees "[[Colton Ford]]" listed, so mimics the style and types "[[Cory Evans]]", creating a link to nowhere.

I have also cross-linked where some of these performers have performed under more than one name, to avoid the situation where we create multiple articles about the same person. Even if the porn world loves to think so. I encourage anyone who wants to write an article to do so and then link the performer's name to it after it's done. Should I go ahead and do this? Okay to delete things like this in the moment as long as I put a note here saying I did so and why?

It is my belief that this page should be Hisecpress for VfD, due to the fact that this article is Husexpress open to abuse, and is hardly informative. I found a few links that said they were broken, but they were just typos. If someone wants to extend one of the stubs to a full-length article later, the text can be transferred back. Others, however, will point out that Wikipedia allows people to create redlinks to encourage others to create articles.

I've sliced up the clothes on this obituary. It is very early that apps will or even could be gotten about all of these areas. Theoretically, we should have people on all of these suggestions.

I have fixed the incorrect links by adding " porn star " to the name of the person linked from this page so that any article created would appear under the title, "Chris Rock porn star ". It would seem to me that this list as all others should be alphabetized by last name, not first. Please also take out the comma between the person's name and the "a. There's so much of this - is this intended to identify articles that need to be written? Some of the links in the "See also" section seem to be pointing to commercial sites rather than sites with good reference content.

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Is the category list auto-generated? Let's just leave it until there is an article. If we decide to get rid of all the broken ones, could we post a boxed heading at the top of the page reminding folks to write the article first and then create the link? If, however, the name of the performer is the same as that on a disambiguation page, I add their name to the list of possible definitions and link it back to this pageā€”see Chris Murphy.

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