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Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. Chymotrypsin protease inhibitor gene family in rice: Biochemical characterization of a thiol activated, oxidation stable keratinase from Bacillus pumilus KS Polyamine accumulation in transgenic eggplant enhances tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses and fungal resistance. Genetic underpinnings of Tardive dyskinesia: Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. Y P Abrol, Retransformation of a male sterile barnase line with the barstar gene as an efficient alternative method to identify male sterile-restorer combinations for heterosis breeding.

Tiwary boob press Sweta

pres The Arabidopsis-mei2-like genes play a role in meiosis and vegetative growth in Arabidopsis. Raghuvanshi, S, et al. Increased tolerance to salinity and drought in transgenic indica rice by mannitol accumulation.

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